Dosser – Violent Picture/Violent Sound | Album Review

Track Listing

Joy Thief
Dark Air
No Halo
Violent Picture / Violent Sound
Glazed Over


Dosser releases their inner rage on this album, a record which stands the test of blistering guitars and evocative lyrics. Violent Picture/Violent Sound rails against the grain too, and on occasion everything spills over creating such a volatile sound. Perfection is overrated anyway, and music like this has that DIY effect and a specific purpose.

Some may say that this sound is reminiscent of Nirvana’s unorthodox sonic style, which, in many ways, is a good thing. Also, Dave Grohl’s latter band, Foo Fighters, may have had an impact on this act. Think of In Your Honor vibes riffling through the music, and then you’ve got these colossal arrangements bursting through. It’s actually quite original.

The band has also worked heavily on piecing together insightful lyrics that break through the norm. These lyrics pinpoint significant memories being pulverised by minds polluted. By placing the lyrics like tokens of misery, they’ve really let us into their world, an aching place where love has disbanded from its glory.

‘Joy Thief’ opens the record. A perfect rhythm plays with volatile guitar riffs, placing their significance. The vocal work is gritty, and the lyrics depict lost love and dealing with the obstacles that life brings. It’s a startling start.

‘Dark Air’ meanwhile, begins with a slow build-up and a subtle embrace. It sounds like a Nirvana song being put through its paces. The chorus blends well and those unconventional vocals alert the senses.

‘Weeds’ loudly progresses into a frenzy – a good frenzy. It will take the listener back to the 90’s as the nostalgia reaches an all-time high.

‘Inertia’ is a blockbuster swansong to round things out, marrying misery with technical guitar riffs and brooding vocals. It rises and the screams come in thick and fast, enabling a blast of grunge bliss.

This record by Dosser will take you back, and it will resonate with all the people lost in melancholy.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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