Dorohedoro – Season 1 Episode 12 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The End?

The season 1 finale of Dorohedoro begins at the South Zagan Sorcery Club as a man named Aikawa arrives to speak to Risu, telling him to stop hanging out with the cross-eyed group. As they talk on the roof, Risu goes on to mention a rumour he’s heard surrounding a research facility in a village called Berith. “The Boss of the Cross-Eyes will lead us to safety.” As he arrives at the village, he sets out to discover just who killed him.

Back in the present, Caiman and Nikaido square off, with the former refusing to fight and receiving some stiff kicks to the face for his trouble. The fight spills inside the church and as the floor collapses and Caiman falls to his doom, he looks in the mirror and sees Risu staring back at him. Visibly frightened, we cut to Nikaido as a mysterious figure slashes her back open, awakening her from her state.

Caiman meanwhile begins to piece together what happened between fragments of his past flashing into view as we learn Nikaido actually named Caiman. With Risu inside him, Caiman chomps down on Nikaido’s head, where he confirms she’s not the one and she reveals to him just who the man inside his mouth actually is.

However, En and the family arrive at the church before we can dive any further into this to grab Nikaido. Thanks to some quick thinking, Asu conjures a door to teleport Caiman and Nikaido away from En’s castle while turning Chota into Nikaido to fool the Family. While Asu decides to visit Chidaruma, he entrusts Chota to keep this charade going but he has other plans, involving breaking Nikaido and En up.

Hiding out in an abandoned, ivy-covered mall, Caiman and Nikaido discuss the past before vowing to be friends forever, securing their fate with a pinky promise and lots of questions remaining over this one as the season ends.

Who stabbed Nikaido in the back? Was it Risu or is there someone else? Aikawa perhaps? Despite the questions hanging over this one at the end, Dorohedoro has done a really good job with its first season, setting the tone and mood of the piece with some great humour and a decent mystery that’s had numerous other questions answered throughout its 12 episodes. The CG animation is arguably the best here out of every other anime released in quite some time and the edits have seamlessly integrated into this manga adaptation.

Doroheodoro has done an excellent job with its world-building and various set pieces, setting the scene nicely for a possible second season. Given the question marks remaining at the end of this one, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long before we get the green-light on that front!


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