Doona – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Typical and Ordinary 

Doona episode 8 starts with Won-joon and Doona enjoying their relationship. Basically, they are in their thriving era and are a cute couple. They go for walks and get matching rings. They also attend concerts together, and it is all good between them. 

On the other hand, Yoon-taek finally realises Yi-ra is not into him. She is into Jung-hoon, who picked her up when she got wasted with her friends. Our girl Yi-ra shoots her shot and scores. Jung-hoon admits he likes her too and kisses her; I am so invested in these two! 

Back to our main couple, trouble starts as Doona realises she misses the stage. The concert made her realise that singing is part of who she is. Once the singer invited her to the stage to sing with him during the concert, it all came back to her. She starts feeling conflicted. 

Won-joon notices, promises to support her, and says he wants to hear her sing. However, Doona knows Won-joon is naive and doesn’t understand what her comeback means for their relationship. She tries to explain it to him, but he remains optimistic, saying they will make it work. 

Days go by, and Doona can’t help but miss the stage more, and she even starts watching past videos of herself. Won-joon tries to be there for his family as his sister prepares for surgery. 

While he is away, Doona gets a letter notifying that her former label is suing her for breach of contract. She turns to Park and asks what happened to their agreement to terminate the contract on the condition she doesn’t sing elsewhere. He says that President Ma still hopes to get her revenge on Doona.  He suggests she makes a comeback before the company starts a smear campaign and drags the case for years.  He says this will be her last chance, but she has to dump Won-joon. 

Doona is overwhelmed and visits Jin-joo to clear her mind. Jin-joo is doing well and is glad to be free of her dad. In a flashback, we learn how Jin-joo’s dad was rude when Doona spoke to him over the phone the night Jin-joo slept at her place. Jin-joo apologises and senses something is disturbing Doona. She asks what is wrong, but Doona says she just missed her. Unable to do anything, Jin-joo simply hugs her. 

Meanwhile, Won-joon is clueless about the situation and is in his hometown.  He returns later and notices Doona has been taking sleeping pills. He also notices cigarettes in the trash and recognises they belong to Park. He confronts Park and asks him to stay away from Doona. However, Park tells him to get a grip on reality. It is unlikely that he and Doona will survive.

Won-joon still has his military enlistment and school, while he is also not in a position to take care of Doona. Park clarifies that Doona’s comeback is a significant risk, especially given Doona’s past. He insists that Won-joon should be the one to leave Doona alone for the sake of her career. This conversation gives Won-joon a lot to think about. 

Later, Doona meets with Park and President Ma. They decide that Doona will get creative freedom and can choose which songs and artists she wants to collaborate with. Park later takes her to a new apartment and promises to take care of her move from the dorm. Doona is troubled about how to dump Won-joon. She says she can’t break his heart, but promises to do her best, saying she is doing it for her happiness. 

Park tells her he met Won-joon and advises her to cut contact with everyone she knows. However, he refuses to tell her about his conversation with Won-joon. 

In a flashback, we realise Won-joon knew from the moment Doona took the stage to sing at the concert that things would never be the same again. The episode ends with him on a night run, and it feels like he is desperately running away from something while screaming his frustrations out. 

The Episode Review

Aristotle once said, “If something’s bound to happen, it will happen.” This is precisely what is happening between Doona and Won-joon. She is returning to her world and leaving Won-joon broken as he comes to terms with this. However, it is too early to call it quits. Doona might have a plan since she said she can’t break his heart. Will Won-joon wait for her, or will he let Park’s words influence him to dump her?

Doona’s return to music was inevitable, but she hadn’t counted on falling in love. This may help her change her priorities, but only if Won-joon holds on to her. If he lets her go, she might also give up on them. With only one chapter left, I hope we get a happy ending.

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