Doona – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Meaningless Kiss

Doona episode 5 picks up where we left off, with Doona and Won-joon kissing. Won-joon pulls away and leaves without saying anything. However, before he leaves completely, he checks Doona’s breaker panel and fixes the light. He goes to his room and tries to sleep. 

The following day, he keeps thinking about the kiss and is unable to focus. Later that evening, he finds Doona sitting on his bed, listening to music. He brings up the kiss and clarifies that he wants a platonic relationship. Kissing his friends is something he never does. He asks if Doona likes him, and she tells him she kissed him just for the hell of it.

He warns her she might get hurt, and she says he must stop taking life seriously.  Won-joon admits the kiss gave him butterflies, and Doona says he should get over it just like everyone else.

The next morning, Won-joon sees a notice at the gate. Doona is looking for female roommates to live with her on the second floor of the building.

Elsewhere, Yi-ra runs into Yoon-taek and Jung-hoon at the elevator. She has been evicted from the dorm, and she calls Won-joon, asking for help.  He refuses to help her.

On the other hand, Jin-joo meets with Se-hun and confesses she likes Won-joon. He admits he knew it all along, and they part ways. Jin-joo then moves out of her parents’ house. She later receives a message from her dad, threatening her for leaving. We learn that Jin-joo has been struggling due to her strained relationship with her dad.

On several occasions, her dad has slut-shamed her and tried to control her life. Jin-joo is tired of it. Once she moves out, she sends her dad a message saying goodbye and proceeds to block him. 

Later, she calls Won-jin and asks to meet. She is ready to tell him more but ends up triggered when he jokes about her not having any problems.  She finally comes clean about her family issues. 

The next day, Yi-ra and her friends come over to help her move into the house. Yoon-taek told her about the vacancy on Doona’s floor. On the other hand, Doon also called Jin-joo after hearing she moved out of her parent’s house. The three become roommates, and Won-joon is even more frustrated. Thankfully, everyone gets along even though Doona feels left out as Yi-ra and Jin-joo reminisce about their old neighbourhood. 

Later, Jin-joo tells Doona she is ready to tell Won-joon about her feelings. Doona is open and admits she can’t wish them well. She also wants Won-joon for herself. However, Jin-joo points out that she and Won-joon have history, and nothing compares to that. This makes Doona feel less confident about getting together with Won-joon.

Meanwhile, Yi-ra confesses to her friends that she accidentally saw one of the guys showering. She is enjoying staying at the house and might get a new beau. I love Yi-ra! She brings the light moments in the show. 

Evening rolls by, and Doona leaves for a club. At the club, she meets a new guy who used to be an idol. They immediately click and talk about what they are going through after leaving the spotlight. In this club scene, it is evident that Doona has been affected by what people say about her, mostly about her being an attention seeker. 

Meanwhile, Jin-joo borrows a blanket from Won-joon, and he asks her to get one from his room. While there, she finds old pictures of them, stirring up some memories. She also finds a box of Doona’s cigarettes on Won-joon’s bed and seems hurt.  Won-joon comes to check on her and immediately understands what Jin-joo might be thinking after seeing the cigarette box.

He pulls her aside after the others get drunk, and they go for a walk. This time, they talk earnestly. Jin-joo reveals she likes him but was hesitant because her dad slut-shamed her sister. She was scared to date him back in the past.

After hearing the whole story, Won-joo is regretful and understanding. He, however, clarifies that he no longer feels the same for her; time has changed his feelings. 

After the talk, Won-joon waits for Doona to get home. He is angry when she shows up with another guy. The guy becomes a douchebag and gets angry when Doona turns down his advances. Won-joon steps up and defends her. The guy mocks Won-joon, telling him he is no different from the men Doona seeks attention from. Won-joon loses his cool and intentionally closes the car door, hurting the guy’s fingers

He returns to Doona and asks her what she was thinking. He heads to the basketball court to let out his frustrations, but Doona follows him. He angrily walks away, and she still follows him.  He finally comes to his wits end and confronts her. He asks her what she meant when she told him to get over their kiss just like everyone else. 

Doona clarifies she went to the club to test her feelings for him. It turns out she likes him a lot and is not trying to get him obsessed with her. She asks him what happens now, and he pulls her close as she walks away. He hesitates for a moment before kissing her. Doona reminds him that he said he doesn’t kiss his friends. He agrees and kisses her again. 

The Episode Review

Finally, the cat is out of the bag! They like each other and are not playing some twisted emotional game. Now, we can get to the good part, which is them being there for each other. It looks like Doona fell first, but Won-joon fell harder. It is good that he already told Jin-joo that he no longer likes her. I love how the writers don’t add unnecessary drama and have Doona and Won-joon quickly admit their feelings. 

On the other hand, we would like to know more about our main characters. We still have so many questions. We have only learnt a few things about Doona, but Won-joon’s family life remains an enigma. What happened to his dad, mom and sister? 

In this episode, Jin-joo is our hero for being strong enough to break free from her toxic father. He deserves to have nothing to do with her life. It is about time we learn that staying away from toxic family members is okay. He may be her father, but he has no right to slut shame her. She will be better off without him!

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