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Doona episode 3 starts with Won-joon telling Doona what transpired after he called Jin-joo and clarifies he is not seeing Doona. Doona says Jin-joo’s response is a sign that she likes Won-jun. However, Won-joon disagrees, saying he has known Jin-joo for a while and she must like a guy with a lot more to offer. Doona asks him to stop overthinking and seize the moment. She promises to be there for him if Jin-joo breaks his heart.

Later, as Won-joon gets ready for school, he comes across some old photos he took with Jin-joo. Based on the flashback, they seemed pretty chummy with each other, so why didn’t they date? Everyone thought they were, but Won-joon kept telling people they were only close, like soulmates. 

Doona realises that someone is stalking and taking photos ofher. She quickly closes her windows and looks around for secret cameras. She finds none and tries to calm down. Unfortunately, she ends up locking herself in the bathroom. She tries to break the lock but is unsuccessful. 

Meanwhile, Won-joon and Jin-joo continue to work as waiters at the restaurant. Won-jun asks her out the following day and is surprised when she says yes.  He excitedly goes home and wishes to tell Doona the good news. He finds her locked in her toilet and breaks her out. She rushes out and hugs him tightly as she cries. Later, he helps her fix a new lock. 

She confesses she finds a man who can fix things around the house sexy. She tells him she never had a dad, and he tells her about his dad’s passing.  He asks if it was hard for Doona without a dad, and she says it was fine. The problem was losing the people who were there from the beginning.  She notices she is out of cigarettes, and he tells her about the cigarettes he saw in her cabinets when looking for tools. Doona grabs the cigarettes and says they are not hers. 

After the incident, Won-joon takes Doona out for some fresh air. He introduces her to a game that allows her to vent her anger.They also play some basketball, and Doona cheers up even more. After the game, they watch the sky, and Doona thanks him for helping her. He tells her about his upcoming date with Jin-joo, and she is happy for him. She advises him to stop running away from jin-joo, and he promises to stop doing that. 

The following morning, Won-joon checks the weather forecast and excitedly prepares for his date with Jin-joo. The date goes well until Won-joon brings up Doona. Jin-joo is surprised. Unfortunately, it starts raining as they watch the cherry blossom flowers fall. They seek cover at the bus station, but Se-hun drives by. He spots Jin-joo and stops. He offers them a lift and  overhears Won-joon’s conversation with Yoon-taek over the phone. It turns out Yoon-taek and Se-hun are old buddies. 

They head to the house, and Yoon-taek starts praising Se-hun in front of  Jin-joo. Doona asks if they are dating, and Se-hun says they are not dating but are soulmates. This hurts Won-joon while Yoon-teak unknowingly teases Jin-woo and Se-hun to kiss.  This proves too much for Won-joon, and he leaves to get some ice cream. 

In a flashback, we see Won-joon and Jin-woo heading home one snowy night. Jin-woo was getting cold, so Won-joon gave her his scarf and hugged her. 

Presently, Doona joins Won-joon to get the ice cream. They joke around until they reach the house. Doona decides to stay back and smoke, so Won-joon gives her his hoodie. He takes the ice cream to the others. Se-hun is quick to give Jin-joo her favourite ice cream. However, she puts it down after seeing Doona wearing Won-joon’s hoodie.  

Later, as they clean up, Se-hun admits he likes Jin-joo and is trying to court her. On the other hand, Jin-joo asks Doona if they can hang out again. 

A few days later, they meet at a friendly basketball game, and the girls cheer for Se-hun and Jin-woo. After the game, Se-hun invites everyone to lunch, but Won-joon declines the offer, saying he has a class. Ultimately, Jin-joo leaves with Se-hun. 

Doona stays with Won-joon, and she warns him to be more proactive if he wants Jin-joo. Se-hun is upping his game, and he might lose her. She advises him to tell Jin-joo his feelings for her. He confesses he once told Jin-joo about how he felt, but she never gave him an answer.

Instead, she said she was busy, and they never saw each other again after that until now. It has been over a year! Won-joon is scared to bring it up again and is happy they are back to being friends.  He tells Doona her services as a relationship coach are terminated. 

Days go by, and Won-joon continues to see Jin-joo.  She notices that Doona relies on Won-joon a lot. Won-joon explains that Doona has no friends, so he feels pity for her.  He invites Jin-joo for drinks at his house since it is April Fools’ Day. They end up drinking with the other housemates and talking about the lies they heard that day. 

Jin-joo talks about a guy confessing to her but says she has yet to give a response. Won-joon and Doona assume she is talking about her past with Won-joon. However, Jin-joo jokes and says she is pranking them. 

On the other hand, Doona announces she is being stalked and shows the proof. She points to a man secretly taking photos of her outside the window, and Won-joon takes off running after the man. They finally catch up to him and take his camera. They are shocked to discover it is the young boy who works at the nearest convenience store. For a moment, Doona threatens to bash his head with a bottle but reconsiders. 

Won-joon gets the guy to hand over all the pictures he has taken of Doona. He also informs the man’s parents and boss. Doona says she doesn’t want the police involved, so he helps her collect the evidence if she changes her mind. 

Later, Won-joon sees Jin-joo off, and she informs him that she is planning to leave home. That is why she has been looking for work. She wants to be independent from her parents.  Upon coming back, Win-joon finds Doona sleeping. He also notices a message from P accusing her of being a good liar and asking her to stop contacting him. He spends the night at Doona’s place. She wakes up and finds him on her sofa, so she joins him and sleeps on his lap as they hold hands.

The Episode Review

I think Won-joon has started to be conflicted about his feelings. Doona is shaking his heart, and Jin-joo might lose him. To be fair, Jin-joo had her chance but never said anything. Even now that she is back, she could have confessed her feelings, but she is dilly-dallying. 

On the other hand, it is a relief that they have caught Doona’s stalker. It is understandable why she doesn’t want to go to the cops. Thankfully, Won-joon was on the case like Horatio Caine. He is also sleeping on her sofa to protect her. How sweet! 

As we continue to the next episode, we would like to know more about P. Who is he, and why is he cutting Doona off? If he is a manager, then he is doing a shitty job. She told him about the stalker, and he thinks she is lying! 

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!

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