Doom Patrol – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Tyme Patrol

Episode 2 of Doom Patrol Season 2 begins with us jumping back to 1927 where we see that very same circus but this time from Nile Caulder’s perspective. Upon seeing Niles in the audience, Dorothy’s sprite glows red and after slaughtering everyone, leaves him alive. Two years later Dorothy has barely aged a day, prompting Niles to turn to Danny for help.

As we jump back to the present, Niles speaks to Cliff about Dorothy and how he traded his longevity and life for them all to be free. When Jane awakens, the different personalities once more stir and request a change while Larry gets dressed up for the funeral upon learning his son has died.

In Detroit, Vic attends trauma group and is told to turn off his camera given it’s a safe space. Although he does turn it off, Vic decides to listen instead before starting to get closer to one of the girls there called Roni.

Meanwhile, Niles pleads with Dorothy not to make her wish while Rita briefs the team on attacking Dr Tyme and taking his helmet, which could give Niles precious time to find a solution to their Dorothy issue.

They transport to Dr Tyme’s lair and Rita uses her powers to knock him down. Unfortunately in doing so, his brain falls on the floor. Cliff and Jane find themselves experiencing painful memories while frozen as Rita turns back the hands of the clock on Dr Tyme’s clock face and brings him back.

This foe snaps his fingers and brings the trio back to Doom Manor. More crucially though, without the helmet. At the same time, Jane experiences a flash from the past involving the Underground and Miranda. After seeing firsthand what’s happened, she toys with the idea that perhaps a change is needed.

As the episode closes out, Larry heads back from the funeral and sees a whole group of butterflies fluttering in the air.

What do the butterflies mean? And what sort of change could we see for Jane? There’s lot of questions left unanswered here and Doom Patrol is doing a good job building up the mystery and drama in its second season. While not quite at the same level of absurdity and outright craziness as the first, Doom Patrol continues to deliver the goods nonetheless.

Quite what the third episode has in store for us though, remains to be seen.


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