Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

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The Deity’s Garden

Doom at Your Service episode 8 starts with Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung’s reunion, with our doom-bringer promising to tell her everything. He mentions all the misfortunes in the past and how he’s the root cause of this.

Well, Dong-Kyung remains positive and explains how his negatives (darkness, the end of all things) are actually good things for her. Just as she reaches out to touch his hand, Dong-Kyung suddenly disappears.

Myul-Mang is panicked and tries to find her. Only, in this reality she doesn’t exist. It’s strange and obviously linked to Sonyeoshin, who’s off in a field of flowers with Dong-Kyung.

She shows the confused girl her flowerpot, with a sprout just starting to poke up above the dirt. Sonyeoshin has stolen her away just for a second to explain that she too loves Myul-Mang.

She openly admits to being the one who convinced Myul-Mang he’s responsible for all this pain and suffering, going on to tell Dong-Kyung that she’s the order of this world that’s been around for many years. She wants Dong-Kyung to be happy and tells her to no longer be miserable because of the Doom-bringer. Dong-Kyung however, scolds this deity and defiantly claims Myul-Mang never made her unhappy. Honestly, what is this deity’s deal? It’s so hard to read what she (it?) wants.

Dong-Kyung eventually heads back to see Myul-Mang, knocking lightly as instructed. She was in the deity’s garden, but before they can continue on, Sun-Kyung suddenly comes bolting in and notices the two houses connected together.

Now he learns the truth about Myul-Mang and how he’s Doom. However, he’s going to try and save her no matter what. After wiping his memory and forcing him to fall asleep, Dong-Kyung takes her brother back to the hospital where he awakens with no memory of the house.

Ji-Na shows up though and they all head back to Dong-Kyung’s place. There, Sun-Kyung and Ji-Na discuss how Dong-Kyung is head over heels for him. This playful banter is quickly broken up though when Dong-Kyung forces them out and claims she’s living with Myul-Mang now. As day turns to night, Dong-Kyung remembers Sonyeoshin’s words about the fate of the world resting on her love.

Following the antics at the team dinner, Dong-Kyung meets up with Dalgona. She’s decided not to renew her contract with Life Story after all. She’s getting surgery in a month’s time and she’s going to try chemotherapy too.

With things looking hopeful for Dalgona, Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung head out together. As they hold hands, Myul-Mang makes cherry blossoms fall but as Dong-Kyung tells him she likes him, they disappear around him as he’s frozen in shock.

Elsewhere, Joo-Ik and Hyun-Kyu discuss the incident outside the coffee house, as Hyun-Kyu quizzes his friend over who the mystery woman is. We know it’s Ja-Ni of course, but Hyun-Kyu is called away before they can continue. Sun-Kyung is found in a karaoke bar sobbing. He tells Hyun-kyu not to put anything off and wait as you’ll regret it later on.

Speaking of which, Joo-Ik shows up at Ji-Na’s door but Dong-Kyung is the one to answer. She learns the pair have entered their own contract but remains playfully suspicious of what they have together. Anyway, Joo-Ik finally looks set to open up and tell her how he feels…until Hyun-Kyu appears at the door. Talk about timing!

Meanwhile, Myul-Mang takes Dong-Kyung out on a romantic evening under the twinkling lights of the fairground. After a passionate kiss, he makes her Mother show up in the distance – but just for a second. Whisking back to the present, Myul-Mang speaks to Dong-Kyung but they’re interrupted by her Aunt showing up with a suitcase.

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service returns with more whirlwind romance between Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung. It’s a good thing these two have such good chemistry because the deity story and what’s happening with Sonyeoshin is incredibly confusing.

It’s difficult to tell whether she’s actually helping or hindering the pair. Unless I’ve missed something of course, and there’s always an element of “tough love” going on but it’s confusing, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the love triangle continues to simmer in the background with Joo-Ik’s confession agonizingly cut short by Hyun-Kyu showing up. It’s clear there’s going to be a choice made by Ji-Na and personally I hope it’s Joo-Ik.

Either way though, this drama really thrives with its character relationships and while the main story is a little hit or miss at times, the character development is incredibly effective.

Either way, the ending with Dong-Kyung’s aunt returning certainly poses an intriguing dilemma as this drama moves into its second half.

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