Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

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And Then He Was Gone

Episode 7 of Doom at Your Service begins with that passionate kiss from the last episode. Rain continues to pour as Myul-Mang backs up…and disappears. He’s not at home either, and the connection between their houses is no longer active.

Dong-Kyung struggles to focus, which is made worse at work as Mr Park returns and decides to set up a welcome-back party for himself. As she leaves the office, Park Young happens to be there in disguise. He sighs loudly and decides to start writing after all. Apparently a weird guy keeps showing up in his dreams and forcing him to write. This seems to be Myul-Mang’s doing – and Dong-Kyung senses it.

Myul-Mang is still alive though but he finds himself drifting though past timelines. Specifically those relating to Dong-Kyung’s past. This is Sonyeoshin’s doing and she’s brought him back to teach him a lesson.

In fact, Dong-Kyung’s bad luck and everything that’s befallen her seems to be linked to Myul-Mang. Given he’s responsible for everything that disappears, it all feeds back into Dong-Kyung’s bad luck across her life.

Eventually Myul-Mang returns before Dong-Kyung but finds himself distant and deliberating on what’s happened. Specifically, how he can’t believe he’s forgotten about his past. As painful as it is for him, Myul-Mang swallows his pride and tells Dong-Kyung she can’t love him and he can’t grant her wish. He tells her they need to stop living together too.

Meanwhile, Sun-Kyung heads over to Joo-Ik and Hyun-Kyu’s place. There, he reveals that he’s Dong-Kyung’s brother. As they drink together, he keeps the truth about Dong-Kyung’s health a secret. He eventually collapses, leaving Hyun-Kyu and Joo-Ik to discuss their past together.

Their fate is entwined with Ji-Na of course, as we see the moments of Joo-Ik kissing Ji-Na outside in the rain while she’s waiting or Hyun-Kyu.

Dong-Kyung sits with writer Dalgona, who reveals that she’s ill and her health is deteriorating. She gives some solid advice, encouraging Dong-Kyung to live her life more. Just before leaving, she complements Dong-Kyung’s outfit.

This plays on her mind during the team meal. Unfortunately Jijo King opens his big mouth and talks about Dalgona’s cancer and how she has a nasty personality. As he chuckles to himself, Dong-Kyung finds herself seething with anger.

In fact, she outright admits in front of everyone that she’ll be dead in three months and walks away. The team are shocked but Dong-Kyung hurries to the usual sidewalk – and then her rooftop – trying to call Myul-Mang out.

Eventually she collapses and passes out on the floor in her apartment, promising to kill Myul-Mang. Our doom-bringer shows up and holds her hand while she’s lying down. He’s still there to “recharge” her after all ,but realizes that he’s been hit by the same stone he’s thrown. This seems to bee a hint that he’s fallen in love.

When Dong-Kyung wakes up, she notices the cushion next to her and immediately snaps the bracelet off. In doing so, she’s rushed to hospital. On a stretcher, she weakly struggles to keep her eyes open. Eventually she passes out, kept in hospital for observation.

While this is going on, Myul-Mang is approached by Sonyeoshin who tells him he’s made the right call staying there. She challenges him though and asks whether he can really stay away from her forever – regardless of if she lives or dies. And just like that, Myul-Mang stands up and walks away.

He heads straight to the hospital, where Dong-Kyung gets out of bed and wanders down the hallway. She takes a deep breath, telling him she knew he would show up. She knows he’s a good guy but her rambling is quickly quashed when Myul-Mang hurries over and throws his arms around her, hugging the girl tightly.

All those moments we saw from before with Sonyeoshin are finally given more context. Letting these scenes play out, Dong-Kyung is saved every time from her depressive state by a friendly face in her life. As Dong-Kyung herself mentions, “misery and luck come with the same face.”

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service delivers a much needed dose of heartache this week as Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang spend the episode apart. Only, it’s obvious that Myul-Mang has been hit “by the stone that he’s thrown” which translates (I’m guessing anyway) to mean he’s fallen in love with her.

The way he threw his arms around Dong-Kyung late on is a wonderful moment and one that finally sees Dong-Kyung smile warmly. It’s been coming for a while but it’s great to see this play out.

It’s still unknown how Sonyeoshin plays into this, but it seems she’s distorting the memories from the past to make it seem like Dong-Kyung has only faced misery rather than some genuine moments of happiness, courtesy of her friends and family.

Elsewhere, the love triangle continues but to be honest there’s not a lot going on here this week beyond seeing the origins of the green umbrella and the kiss. This is obviously Ji-Na and Joo-Ik’s first kiss so it’s definitely significant.

Either way, the ending leaves things wide open for tomorrow’s episode.

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