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The Kiss

Episode 6 of Doom at your Service begins with Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang talking about their destiny. They discuss the notion of love, with the former eventually repeating that mantra to herself while watching TV. In fact, she’s intent on separating herself from Myul-Mang and decides to move to a different room.

Looking up at her with longing eyes, he asks to sleep with her. No, not like that guys. He wants their sleeping arrangements to remain as they are.

Anyway, Dong-Kyung eventually succumbs to his wishes, as the pair sleep on opposite sofas. He asks her to love him, and in exchange promises to die for her.

This Sa-Ram name sticks with Myul-Mang the next day as he speaks to his creator, Sonyeoshin. She challenges him, asking the deity if he’ll live up to his end of the bargain and disappear once he loves her. It certainly catches him off-guard, especially when she gleefully mentions how human love is unpredictable and exciting.

Later that day, Dong-Kyung heads out but finds Sun-Kyung working in the coffee shop. He apologizes for moments in the past, claiming that it’s not right for him to steal her time. She simply tells him to be himself and not worry. Dong-Kyung also implores him to let her keep working given how hard she’s worked for this job.

Well, this takes a turn form the worst when Park Young goes missing on the eve of his next writing gig. Dong-Kyung is frustrated, and takes her anger out at the batting cages.

After, she sits with Ji-Na and admits the truth – that Joo-Ik only kissed her because he pitied her. She immediately confronts him about this though, right off the back of a fruitless dinner he’s had with his Father. Joo-Ik is ruthless, claiming Ji-Na is only doing this because she doubts her own abilities as a writer.

The next day, Dong-Kyung takes her brother to the doctors, intent on getting him tested to make sure her condition is not something genetic.

While he gets scanned, the doctor reveals that Sun-Kyung came in and pleaded with him to prolong her life. In turn, he tells Dong-Kyung he wants to help and try to save her. He hands over some pills and urges her take them. After all, even if it’s only for a few months or a year tops, at least she’ll have more time.

Outside though, Sonyeoshin shows up and sits with her, holding a flowerpot. She doesn’t know what’s planted in there but is hoping it’s a nice sprout. As they talk, she finishes off her drink and hands over the gift she won from the arcade machine earlier. She also calls Dong-Kyung unni too (older sister in Korean.) With Sonyeoshin gone, Dong-Kyung finds a strange sphere inside.

One of the big mysteries in this series has been Myul-Mang’s ever-changing hair and it’s hilariously called out in the hospital. To commemorate the occasion, Sun-Kyung takes a selfie but Myul-Mang’s hair is actually blonde. It seems he may shift his appearance for different people. It turns out Dong-Kyung is the only person who can actually see the real him.

On the way back however, Dong-Kyung notices Park Young ready to enter a competition. Down in the dumps, she eventually shows up at a blind date where… yep, you guessed it, Myul-mang is there. The date goes hilariously wrong, prompting this doom-bringer to force their respective partners to fall asleep drunk on the table.

Meanwhile, Ji-Na heads out for her school reunion where Hye Hyun-Kyu shows up. Ji-Na downs her drink and struggles to eat. She dodges a question about having a crush on Hyun-Kyu and eventually heads outside, ready to go home. There, Hyun-Kyu catches up with her and claims he showed up because he was worried.

While Ji-Na finds herself hung up over Hyun-Ku and their moments together in the past when she leaves. Likewise, Dong-Kyung deliberates over her moments with Myul-Mang. Eventually she gets on the bus but as it starts raining outside, Myul-Mang joins her and they run together. Myul-Mang claims it’s fun and leads her by the end.

Now Dong-Kyung confirms her wish. She wants Myul-Mang to love her but he refuses to grant her wish. Instead, he leans forward and kisses her. As they do, Sonyeoshin can sense this and claims that anyone who messes with the system has been programmed incorrectly.

Just like that, Myul-Mang backs away from her and  disappears. This is Sonyeoshin’s doing, and she decides to “reset” him after this instance. The episode closes out and Myul-Mang is gone.

The Episode Review

Doom at your Service returns with another very good episode, one that boasts some absolutely outrageous chemistry between the cast. It also helps that Doom is visually stunning too, sporting wonderful backdrops and filming locations from across Korea.

The fine balance between comedy and romance is perfectly in-sync and so far everything has been ticking along nicely. Sonyeoshin’s influence is clear to see and it appears she may actually be the overarching villain in this whole drama.

It’s clear that there’s more going on here, and it seems like Myul-Mang may have disappeared because he does in fact love Dong-Kyung. However, that sphere Sonyeoshin gave Dong-Kyung is likely to be a crucial clue going forward too.

Judging by the preview for next week, Myul-Mang is not gone forever and will likely return but the ending is still quite shocking. That kiss was excellent though and fans have obviously been waiting for a while for this moment. The whole scene felt so natural and next to a drama like Sisyphus: The Myth, the chemistry helps to add an extra layer of quality.

Overall though, Doom at Your Service is shaping up to be one of the bigger surprises this year, with an ending that leaves the door wide open for next week’s follow-up.

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