Doom At Your Service – Episode 16 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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Episode 16 of Doom at Your Service begins this finale with Myul-Mang back on Earth and mortal this time. He stands with his umbrella and admits he can’t control the weather anymore.

Back home, Dong-Kyung learns that Myul-Mang was allowed to be born again because he died for her selflessly. He no longer brings doom and can live a normal life. Dong-Kung can hardly believe her luck and believes all of this is just a dream.

Well, the next day Dong-Kyung brings Myul-Mang to work. Only, Joo-Ik isn’t exactly thrilled to see him. Dong-Kyung puts him to work though, encouraging the former doom-bringer to drive her around. She’s got a big meeting with Dalgona in an attempt to get her to sign a contract.

Well, Dalgona clearly likes Dong-Kyung but Myul-Mang is quick to admit that he’s going to get marred to her soon. As Myul-Mang teases him about his affection for his fiancée, he looks set to leave. Just then though, Park Young shows up. It turns out she’s been trying to kill two birds with on stone, hooking these two up together while also getting a contract signed.

Back home, Myul-Mang joins the family for dinner. Sun-Kyung has been promoted to manager, while Kevin is back again from Canada. Myul-Mang has decided to do the same job he was doing before – he’s now a doctor.

Myul-Mang is at peace, finally understanding that Sonyeoshin must have hated humans originally but now mellowed out and ended up like him – actually liking humans and accepting them.

Elsewhere, Joo-Ik woos Ji-Na and takes her out for drinks. While there, he kisses her passionately. This marks the start of the pair together as he’s officially labeled as her boyfriend! Well, it’s only their second day so it’s still early days yet.

While Sun-Kyung isn’t too impressed when they announce this the following day, Myul-Mang thinks it’s cute. Sun-Kyung eventually leaves, especially when he realizes he’s the only singleton in the room.

Myul-Mang is taken outside by Kevin who reminds him that he’s family now. There’s a disjointed English/Korean chat here but the gist of it is that these characters are together and happy.

Joo-Ik admits on the way home with Ji-Na that she is his first love. He lavishes praise on her and is generally just very romantic, which is a nice touch.

That night, Dong-Kyung sleeps but Sonyeoshin shows up in her dream. She shows a cosmos plant and sports her school uniform too. It turns out she lets Dong-Kyung go through all of this because she knew she could overcome the hardships on the other side.

Things go well for the rest of the episode, as Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung continue to get along like a house on fire. They notice a shooting star speeding overhead and decide to wish to get married quickly. It’s a fitting end for what’s otherwise been a lovely episode to round out all the character arcs.

The Episode Review

So in the end there’s no final shocker or dramatic twist, it’s just an hour of all our characters living life to its fullest. Dong-Kyung is finally cured and with Myul-Mang now mortal, it leaves Sonyeoshin to create another doom-bringer (presumably) in the wake of this one being turned mortal.

Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang have had mad chemistry on screen together but the story hasn’t always been the most exciting. I mean, it’s been enjoyable and seeing these two together on screen is always fun but there’s not a lot of movement on the plot – or that’s how it feels anyway.

Despite that, the series has managed to bring some dramatic and emotional moments in its wake, leaving with a fitting final scene with the shooting star. Ironic of course given that’s how the pair first met.

In the end, Joo-Ik ends up romantically linked with Ji-Na which is perhaps the biggest surprise of the drama, but beyond that everything else is pretty smooth sailing for this finale.

tvN know how to deliver a competent and straight forward drama and this one is no exception. While it does pale by comparison to some of the other dramas in its field, it’s been a solid watch nonetheless.

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12 thoughts on “Doom At Your Service – Episode 16 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. I was so unhappy about the ending. Why didn’t she marry him?! Plus, this won’t have a good second season other than them getting marry in an extra episode.

  2. I was diss pointed in the ending also. It seemed to that her love for him was not that strong. It looked like at one point she was flirting with her ex boyfriend. Then was she said no to marriage and not showing him much affection really bother me. He did die for her and took her pain with him. I also wish it had ended on a happier not with marriage, and the brother finding someone also.

  3. Don’t understand why she was so against marriage.She appeared to have missed him so much and was so happy when he reappeared. She wanted him to stay by her side till one of them passed away but no marriage? The ending left you with so many unanswered questions.

  4. Wow what a bad ending, it made me think she really did just make herself love doom, so she could survive. She was so anti wedding and living together and everything she was so full on with before he disappeared. They were apparently madly in love only had a limited amount of days together and they spent it going on walks it seemed and sleeping. Where was the spending the night together sex and mad passion…I didn’t want to see a sex scene but the indication that they did would have made the fact they both were willing to die for the other more realistic. I mean she obviously had sex with the married guy, so it can’t be that she was anti sex before marriage and she hardly knew the married dude, yet loved doom the most. Apart from the ending it was a good series….as for joo-ik I honestly thought when he declared his love it was going to be to his room mate, not the female.

  5. I, too, was very disappointed in the last episode. I agree with the points made above. Why was there such a change in Dong-Kyung? What happened to her passion and display of love towards Myul-Mang? Unbelievable! Such a letdown! I was beginning to wonder did she really love him anymore and did she have doubts about marrying him. This man gave up so much for her!!

  6. Bullsh*t ending.

    They didn’t seem in love at all. Where’s the anguish when he returned? Tears of joy? Declarations of love? A KISS?!?! It feels like the show abruptly ended with very loose storylines. It’s also like the writers gave up.

  7. I just finished the last episode and I was very disappointed, from the beginning it felt like she’s very cold to him, so I hang on till the end even though I’m beginning to get bored watching it because the way she acts to him also thinking it’s gonna have a good ending but No she still feels cold to my opinion, they would’ve stay together kiss and hug a lot, also the last two minutes it would be nice if she said yes to him when he asked to marry him then kiss, that would have been a good ending.

  8. I wanted to see Myul-Mang reaction to his first time having sex or doing anything beyond the kissing. If this were my last two or three months to live I probably would’ve went far beyond kissing and holding hands. I would’ve loved to have seen them actually get married, shared a honeymoon, and see if she was able to get pregnant and have children. The story became repetitious with the same merry-go-round. As “Doom” he wasn’t really believable. I sort of liked his character but not as doom personified. I wanted so see more storyline with the other characters as well besides that love triangle which I cannot believe that someone would kiss and fall in love with his best friend’s girl and then see her behind his back — while living with him — and try to sabotage the budding relationship his best friend was trying to re-establish with his girlfriend…and KNOWING that somehow she still had feelings for the best friend — and yet pursue it, while thinking there would never be a problem later on when they all have get togethers or hit a rough patch. I would have loved to see Dong Kyung’s brother meet someone to help him get through his sister’s ordeal and finally, I would’ve loved to know who Myul Mang’s replacement was and more from the goddess….what else was she planting…… There’s a lot missing in the storylines.

  9. Becky; i agree with you 100%. “Myul-Mang died for her and came back to her against all odds. She should have been hanging on to him like crazy.” This should have been absolutely strongest emotional segment of all episodes. There should have been hugging, crying, kissing and hanging on each other. They should have been together at least the first night… they had before often. Since they’re both mature adults, i don’t think auntie would have said anything either.
    “He asked her to marry him many times but she never responds.” That was a definite “red flag” for me. She even tells him no at one point…….and he never asked why. Most people with this history of love and sacrifice would be at the court house the next day. I began to dislike her too. This was a happy, but weak and unsatisfying ending. I was a disappointed.

  10. I was disappointed to say the least – note I didn’t come in with high expectations- I expected a well written drama. The casting for the drama is great and that’s the reason numerous fans continued watching. The entire story felt like a see saw – they’ve met, they’re together, myul mang’s gone, he’s back, she chooses to forget him, but they’re back after they remember again, then he dies but then he’s back and they’re together again. Also he died to be reborn as human – at the current age he seems to be at? He gets to be a doctor and keep the sprawling house? And a few months was that painful for the female character? The pieces of him learning to be human were not done well – just not logical in the order shown. It felt like this was an easy way out for the writing to give a feel good episode at the end. The drama could have ended 4-5 episodes earlier. The second couple / live triangle was better written to showcase Jin a’s thought process and going through the experience.

    Again, not to take away from the drama completely – it has its shining moments – especially the cast. For me the story was too weak and this would be one of those dramas I watch on the side while doing dishes as it does not require my full attention.

  11. I was very disappointed with the Finale. I felt the entire series was exceptional bt that last episode was a let down. I understand they wanted to tie up the loose ends but my disappointment was in how the character Dong-Kyung was written at the end. Myul-Mang died for her and came back to her against all odds. She should have been hanging on to him like crazy. Instead she sends him home, pays more attention to her family and even calls him when he is trying to sleep to ask what he was thinking about during past events so she can include it in her book. Does she ever tell him she loves him? He asked her to marry him many times but she never responds. I started to dislike her for the first time. I would have liked to have seen it end in front of the bare tree they swore to return to when it bloomed, have it in full bloom and she accepts his proposal. That would have been a full happy ending. In my opinion.

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