Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

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I’m Only Human After All

Episode 15 of Doom at Your Service begins with a big revelation. Dong-Kyung’s tumour has got smaller. If this keeps up, it’ll be gone in a week. Dong-Kyung however, finds herself wondering whether everything that happened before was a dream, admiring the bright sunshine as she steps outside. Ji-Na eventually arrives to pick her up.

Dong-Kyung continues to do her best to move past the memories of Myul-Mang, but it’s obviously hard for her. Joo-Ik has leaned into his work too, deciding on setting up a new company called Top 10 Media. He continues to try and recruit others, including Dong-Kyung whom he wants to be his manager. She agrees to think it over and get back to him.

Back home, Kang Soo-Ja decides to move back to Korea after Kevin is settling in at Canada. He’s actually okay with it too. Dong-Kyung then breaks the news that she’s decided to go back to work. Soo-Ja and Sun-Kyung believe it’s too soon but she’s itching to keep busy.

That evening, Joo-Ik shows up at Ji-Na’s door. He asks her to sign with him and his new company. He admits he’s unable to go a day without seeing her and believes the key to this is to work together first. Well, Ji-Na refuses, deciding she’s no longer writing romance stories. For now, things are left unresolved between them.

After another dream featuring Myul-Mang, Dong-Kyung awakens and gets stuck in to work. She’s now a chief manager with Joo-ik, which causes issues with Mr Park and Life Story. Jijo King is certainly not pleased, lashing out at everyone else.

When Dong-Kyung shows up to her office she’s surprised by how minimalist it really is inside. In fact, there’s only two desks. Dong-Kyung is remaining hopeful and content though, deciding to do her best until her and Myul-Mang meet again.

Realizing he doesn’t want to lose a friend over this love triangle situation, Joo-Ik and Hyun-Kyu head out and hit some balls at the range. The latter wants to start over, as they patch up their differences and remain friends.

Dong-Kyung buys roses to remind herself of Myul-Mang, replacing them when they die as a reminder to continue waiting for him. She even writes too, letting her thoughts out and reliving the whirlwind emotion she felt with our Doom bringer. This inevitably brings back memories of Sonyeoshin and what she said originally regarding a happy ending.

That evening, she heads over to Myul-Mang’s place and waits for him. His phone is there too, and as she opens it up she notices an unsent message. Within this, Myul-Mang asks whether she’s happy and admits he didn’t know what to send for his first text. After crying again, Dong-Kyung takes the bus home.

However, when she steps off she notices Sonyeoshin standing there, waiting for her. She’s had surgery and her human heart is beating well. She believes she’s going to live her longest life yet. Sonyeoshin just arrived to wish her well and promises to see her again.

In the garden, Sonyeoshin catches up with Myul-Mang, who’s now tellingly wearing white rather than black. She confirms that Dong-Kyung is both good and bad, with an equal dose of happy and sad days. Her flower has grown a lot too, likening Myul Mang to this.

His real fate was living happily ever after as a human being. All of this was a test. Sonyeoshin wishes him well and encourages Myul-Mang to smile. Just before he goes, Sonyeoshin wishes him a happy birthday and sends him on his way.

As the episode closes out, Myul-Mang ends up on the same bus as Dong-Kyung, holding that same umbrella.

The Episode Review

With Myul-Mang now mortal and a happy ending on the horizon, everything seems too good to be true. There definitely feels like there’s going to be one final twist in the tale.

However, this episode also confirms that the biggest part of this show working is Myul Mang and Dong-Kyung’s chemistry. Without these two on the same screen everything else just seems to flatline.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely some lovable characters here but the love triangle feels very vanilla and uninteresting while characters like Sun-Kyung and Dong-Kyung’s aunt are simply footnotes in this tale about Dong-Kyung’s life.

Through all of that though, Doom at Your Service does have an electric soundtrack and a really solid romance at its core. The reveal about Sonyeoshin at the end is a good one while the light fantasy elements continue to tick away.

With the finale up next, it really is anyone’s guess what will happen!

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