Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

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Remember Me

Episode 13 of Doom at Your Service begins with Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang about to talk and air out what they know. At the same time, Joo-Ik and Hyun-Kyu sit on opposite benches (one wearing black and the other wearing white to signify opposites) where Joo-Ik’s kiss is finally revealed. As Joo-Ik lets go of what he’s been holding, it’s all too much for his friend who decides to go to a café and stay away from Joo-Ik for the time being.

The next day this conflict continues to escalate, with Park asking whether he and Hyun-Kyu have fought after he hands over a business proposal. Thee two discuss the implications of them having a fist fight, as Park remains dead-set on Hyun-Kyu being the one to win.

Elsewhere, Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang head to a café too and discuss Sonyeoshin. Dong-Kyung claims she doesn’t know much (on account of her mind being wiped and this parallel world being a thing) but she does notice a number on her phone for “human”. This is, of curse, Myul-Mang. When he heads back he notices a missed call and a picture of them together.

On the back of this, Myul-Mang heads to the hospital and poses as a doctor again. He runs numerous tests on Dong-Kyung but does so to check her phone for pictures. However, he doesn’t find anything linked to them being together.

Joo-Ik is among a rabble of people who show up to check on Dong-Kyung though. When Ji-Na shows at the door, he hurries out after her to catch up. She admits that she’s going drinking with Hyun-Kyu but he tries not to let that phase him. In fact, he outright admits that he’s liked her from the beginning.

That gives Ji-Na a lot to think about when she heads out drinking with Hyun-Kyu. He’s been running away all his life and now we see things from Ji-Na’s perspective. She always hoped he’d show up at one of the reunions but never did. She’s always loved him and not let herself feel for anyone else.

After their meeting, Ji-Na heads out into the street and catches up with Joo-Ik. Only, she’s very drunk and ends up kissing Joo-Ik. He doesn’t kiss her back though, instead asking just what she’s doing.

Well, she stumbles around so Joo-Ik takes her home, being sure to tentatively wrap her up on the sofa to make sure she’ll be okay. In the morning, when she awakens after her crazy night of drinking, she calls herself a wench and is shocked over what she’s done.

Meanwhile, Dong-Kyung gets a haircut after finding out her hair could fall out. Midway through the act, she suddenly sports a bloody nose, prompting Myul-Mang to interject and bring her subconscious self away and into his house. There, he kisses her and all the memories come flooding back.

When Dong-Kyung awakens, having remembered everything, she hurries home. A her door though she receives a call from “Human” who happens to be standing right behind her. Dong-Kyung berates him for forgetting her. Myul-Mang throws his arms around her and hugs the girl warmly as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

So Dong-Kyung’s memory has now returned, which in turn has allowed Sonyeoshin’s flower to blossom again. Only, we know this is borrowed time and Dong-Kyung will meet her scheduled fate. This is only typified by the preview for tomorrow’s episode too.

Beyond that, the love triangle continues to grow as Ji-Na realizes she actually likes the younger version of Hyun-Kyu and may well be moving closer toward Joo-Ik…but will she really? It’s tough to know with these k-dramas but I also can’t see a happy ending with either of these storylines.

With time now back to how it was – at least in terms of memories – the show does feel very one-note and there’s not a lot of variety to this. Despite the adoration and amazing chemistry between Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang, there really isn’t a whole lot else going on here.

The two are locked in their romance of course, but in terms of plot even the countdown hasn’t felt that urgent. With three episodes to go, this has been a surprisingly tepid Korean drama.

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