Doom At Your Service – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

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Episode 12 of Doom at Your Service begins with Myul-Mang chasing down a cat killer who’s about to burn a building. He holds the man down and prepares to torture him, dousing the foe in gasoline and looking set to light a cigarette. This is very much doom-bringer territory as the gravity of Dong-Kyung’s choice is felt. She’s chosen to live anew and forget Myul-Mang after all.

Son0Yeoshin seems to be doing better now too, as Myul-Mang shows up and likens himself to a butterfly in her garden. In this metaphor the flowers are humans, and he defiantly claims he doesn’t like a single one.

Dong-Kyung isn’t fairing much better either, with her loser ex messaging and asking for forgiveness. Dong-Kyung being the kind soul that she is decides to forgive him after all.

With Dalgona getting her cancer treatment too, Dong-Kyung shows up to visit her. Only, Dalgona comments how Dong-Kyung doesn’t seem so happy anymore. She passes it off as her illness, but we of course know the truth!

While our doom-bringer exacts revenge, he happens to do so in a parking lot where Dong-Kyung is watching from afar. Although she hides out of sight, he comments how much of a bother this is and eventually greets her.

The pair eventually sit together and talk, which is pretty funny given the history these two have. Anyway, Myul-Mang eventually tells her she’s going to die and walks away, ready to continue being the doom-bringer.

Elsewhere, Joo-Ik heads outside while Hyun-Kyu finds the novel Ji-Na has written. In particular, he reads the chapter about the kiss in the rain. Joo-Ik confronts Ji-Na about this very narrative hook and tells her he’s read the story. He believes that he’s the male lead, leading to awkwardness to ensue between the pair.

In fact, that awkwardness continues into the night when Hyun-Kyu heads out with Ji-Na for dinner. He deliberates over her alias though – Lee Hyun – and wonders about her stories. Specifically, he queries her latest story but just before divulging the truth, Hyun-Kyu decides to slip out the car. As he does, he walks right into Joo-Ik.

Myul-Mang finds himself continuing to ponder over Dong-Kyung, which eventually culminates in him meeting her again up on the rooftop. This time though she wishes for the world to be destroyed with him in attendance, which Myul-Mang smirks at. He tells her she has potential. He then asks her to allow him to destroy the world in exchange for healing Dong-Kyung’s sickness.

Echoes of the past are still here between them though, in the form of the bracelet and some happy memories from a time gone by. As Myul-Mang looks set to reach out and touch Dong-Kyung’s face, he suddenly disappears back to his apartment. Myul-Mang heads in to see Sonyeoshin, knowing she’s part of this trickery, but she’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. She delivers some cryptic ideas but doesn’t really tell us much about what’s happening.

However, it does seem like Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang are inevitable, destined to meet regardless of timeline. This whole episode seems to have been a test, one that’s seen our doomed romantic couple together again.

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service rolls round today with it’s follow-up chapter and one undeniable fact – Myul-Mang and Dong-Kyung are meant to be together. No matter what they do or how they try to live their lives differently, this timeline has been drawing them together no matter what.

The alternate takes for these two during the first half of the episode is nicely done, with the second half then slowly seeing them grow closer together again. This also has the knock-on effect of showing how far these two have come.

Even if happiness is a fleeting emotion and death is inevitably on the horizon, is it worth prolonging your life if you’re just going to be miserable? This is precisely what Doom at Your Service seems to be showcasing here.

Sonyeoshin continues to be the one strange, weak link in all this and I’m still not quite sure what her role in all this actually is. I get that she’s a deity but her role just seems a little weak and underdeveloped.

However, the love triangle does get some good mileage this episode, with secrets being spilled and Joo-Ik finally admitting how he really feels to Ji-Na. Will he end up with the girl at the end? Given he’s a second male however, it seems unlikely!

Still, the ending hints that we’ll be going back to business as usual for Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang, leaving things wide open as we prepare for the final four episodes.

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  1. I stopped watching after episode 9. The story of the second lead is so annoying, first of all lee soo hyuk knew that shin do hyun is his brother’s girlfriend but still he approached her first knowing that his brother also love her.. whatever the reason may b. If he didn’t approach her first then this mess wouldn’t be there at first place.. I really hate love triangle and specially hate this one, I like soo hyuk but sorry don’t like his character here in this series…😤

  2. Such a shame nothing interesting has progressed during the second half. I dropped it and just read your recaps to keep myself updated.

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