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Episode 11 of Doom at Your Service begins with Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang both wishing they’re able to stay alive. As they sit together, Myul-Mang hands over some red string as a symbol of their unity. Interestingly, in the midst of all this we cut across to Sonyeoshin whose flower has begun to sprout.

Myul-Mang eventually brings in Dong-Kyung’s family to share in her pain. Kevin stands with Dong-Kyung where they watch the waves lap lazily into the shore. At the same time, Myul-Mang helps Aunt Soo-Ja with the cooking.

Unhappy with Mr Park speaking to him so rudely, Joo-Ik has enough and decides to quit his job. He heads down to the batting cages after, intent on taking out his frustration.

Once there, Hyun-Kyu joins him and tries to get through to his friend but he refuses to engage. As night turns to day, Ji-Na arrives and asks Hyun-Kyu out for a date. She immediately tells Joo-Ik, who hands over his umbrella for her and walks away, deciding to end their work contract. He vows to make sure she won’t have to pay a penalty though.

When Ji-Na shows up with the rest of Dong-Kyung’s family, she speaks to Sun-Kyung about her current situation. He’s confused, pointing out how she likes “the second guy.” In fact, Dong-Kyung figures this out too when she speaks to her later on, although Ji-Na continues to dance around the truth – and her real feelings.

These happy vibes are eventually shattered when Sonyeoshin collapses midway through watering her plant. Myul-Mang senses this and heads up to visit her in hospital. She’s in a rough way, but Sonyeoshin confirms that she’s there for the good of humanity; a reminder that she’s going to pass away soon.

After heling a child out in the street, Dong-Kyung receives a call from Mr Park. She’s brought straight into his office where his hard façade is shattered when he drops to his knees and pleads with her for help. With writers dropping out and Joo-Ik now quitting, he’s desperate. He requests Dong-Kyung’s help but she has enough issues right now.

Ji-Na takes Joo-Ik’s advice and decides to write in a new male character for her story. This character happens to be Joo-Ik, and as she writes out her feelings, including the kiss in the rain, Joo-Ik reads all of this in quiet contemplation.

At the hospital, Soo and Kevin show up to see the doctor. Only, given they were seeing Myul-Mang originally, he’s obviously not there. One of the patients at the hospital shuffles over, telling the couple that there’s a ghost operating there, coming and going as it pleases. Just as she hears this, Soo-Ja winces in pain.

After handing over the marble to Myul-Mang and telling him she’s not afraid, Dong-Kyung receives a message from the hospital. Soo-Ja has collapsed, and as she sits in her bed, Dong-Kyung rushes up to see her. She questions her niece over thee doctor’s analysis. When she learns there’s no hope for her surviving, Soo-Ja immediately starts weeping and pleads with her to get treatment. Inconsolable, Kevin gently encourages Dong-Kyung to give her some time and leave for now.

As she walks down the corridor, Dong-Kyung finds Sonyeoshin. Dong-Kyung pleads with her for help but she’s adamant this is her fate. However, there is a way to slow the process. This would mean forgetting Myul-Mang forever and getting treatment in the hospital. Sonyeoshin tells her there’s not much time, as she begins coughing up blood.

Dong-Kyung isn’t sure what to do, while Myul-Mang senses something is up and immediately looks concerned.

The Episode Review

Doom at Your Service returns this week with a visually stunning episode that really shows off the beauty of Korea – and Jeju Island. The cinematography in general this season has been excellent, thanks in part to these different locations. The coastal areas – and even that single shot of Myul-Mang standing alone on the cliff face – are beautifully done. Hats off to the team for that, because it really was great.

However, the narrative itself pulls a fast one on us as viewers. This unbinding contract and Dong-Kyung’s fate can seemingly be undone – or at least slowed – by Dong-Kyung not remembering anything. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like a bit of a cop-out to be honest.

I really hope Dong-Kyung doesn’t go for this option as the show works better with the family slowly coming to the realization and acceptance that Dong-Kyung is going to die no matter what they do.

The love triangle continues to deepen though, and works to pad out this drama. Both men are flawed, and like many love triangles in these shows, the fanbase are going to be split between both men. Personally though, I hope Ji-Na ends up on her own for a while to figure her life out.

This drama hasn’t always had a lot of plot to play with but the characters and acting in general have been enough to elevate this one. As the episode bows out, everything is left wide open for tomorrow’s follow-up.

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