Don’t Pick Up The Phone Season 1 Review – Faulty system lets pervert get away with heinous crimes

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Netflix’s true Crime docuseries are gaining a lot of attention online, thanks to the global popularity of the streaming network. With the release of new documentary, Don’t Pick Up The Phone, the world is in shock as to how a simple phone call led to the molestation and sexual assault of a number of females in the United States of America.

We’ve all heard about hoax calls and probably have also tried prank-calling someone we know just for the heck of it. However, Don’t Pick Up The Phone is not just any hoax call but one that will send shivers down your spine. The show follows the investigation of a prank call which led to the sexual assault of an 18-year-old McDonald’s employee.

It is appalling how the culprit was not summoned until after a decade and it is much more infuriating how he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. This shows how these fast-food giants really did not care about the safety of their female employees.

It also shows that the victims were worried that their pleas would not be heard because the culprit was a cop. All this probably allowed this man to get away with his crimes. The three-part docuseries narrates the story of how a sexual offender pretended to be a police officer and accused female employees at fast-food joints of theft.

Since he called from a phone booth, this man often watched from afar as he instructed people to molest these female employees. To make matters worse, this man himself sexually assaulted women by claiming that he was a cop. The plot of the series sounds really absurd because the MO of the crime is so bewildering.

Throughout the three episodes, viewers are shown how this man committed the crime and focused on McDonald’s employees because the fast-food giant ignored the safety of their employees over decades. The show does not have any gory scenes but definitely could be triggering to victims of sexual assault.

The assault started over the phone when this guy called restaurants accusing women of theft without even knowing their identity. He gave them a stereotypical description of a short, white woman with blonde hair and instructed the restaurant managers to strip these women down as he watched.

I cannot comprehend what the victims had been going through when they were made to do something like this but it is shocking how he could even get away with it. The show is a fairly quick watch, just like most of these Netflix documentaries, but it is very anti-climactic as to how he was set free due to lack of evidence.

The two women that actually sued McDonald’s were the only ones that got any justice and the fast food giant was forced to pay back these women for how badly the corporation handled this incident. However, Don’t Pick Up The Phone will leave you feeling unaccomplished with how it ends as there is no justice served.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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