Don’t Breathe (2016) Ending Explained – Does Rocky escape Norman’s house?

Don't Breathe

Don’t Breathe Plot Synopsis

Rocky, Alex, and Money, break into the house belonging to blind Gulf War veteran, Norman Nordstorm. What appeared easy to pull off turns out to be a death maze. The desperate attempts to escape amount to nothing as the blind man proves too strong and skilful to handle.

Why do the thieves choose Norman’s house?

The trio receive some reliable intel that Norman has $3,00,000 stashed in his house – money he reportedly received in settlement for his daughter’s death as a result OF a car accident. Located in an abandoned slum-like neighbourhood, Norman’s is the only occupied house. The trio does their homework on Norman before putting their plan into action.

What do the thieves think about robbery?

Rocky has nothing in her sight other than the bright future she is desperately after. She plans to move to California with her sister, Diddy, to escape the abusive atmosphere at home. The un-livable situation in her family is the main thing fuelling her determination to rob Norman. Alex, however, has ethical concerns and thus isn’t onboard with the idea of robbing a blind man.

Rocky persuades him and Alex eventually gives in and agrees to partake. He only does so though because he has feelings for Rocky, even though she is with Money.

Don't Breathe

The action begins

The group drug Norman’s Rottweiler, and break into his house. Since the basement door is locked, the trio assume that must be where the money is hidden. The overexcited Money shoots the lock to open it, and the noise awakens Norman. While the rest of them fearfully watch, Norman manhandles Money like a kid before shooting him dead.

Rocky finds Norman checking his safe, and after he leaves, steals the cash from the safe. Norman finds two pairs of shoes and realizes there are more robbers in the house. He goes to recheck his safe only to find it empty. He then begins closing any way to get out of the house – doors, windows, and the like. Rocky and Alex now know it’s a deadly maze they need to escape.

What’s the secret of the basement?

Rocky and Alex head down to the basement – only to be startled by a restrained pregnant woman, Cindy Roberts. As they try to help Cindy escape, Norman shoots at them – accidentally killing the pregnant lady. Norman expresses deep sorrow after Cindy’s death and gets fiercer than before in absolute fury. To make the showdown even, he shuts off all the lights – covering the area in darkness.

Don't Breathe

The intense chase

Despite the intense darkness, Alex and Rocky manage to knock out Norman and exit the basement. They block the basement exit. However, as they try to flee Norman’s savage Rottweiler gets up and chases her back into the bedroom. Alex falls down on the skylight which Norman shoots through. After a little struggle, Norman stabs him with garden shears. Eventually, Rocky is also captured.

She finds herself restrained in the basement where Norman reveals he impregnated Cindy to give him a child as a replacement for his daughter she killed in the accident. According to his twisted theory, that’s only fair – a new daughter for his lost daughter.

With Cindy dead, Rocky will have to do the job. Norman cuts a hole in Rocky’s pants and fills a baster with his semen. As he prepares to artificially inseminate Rocky, Alex pops out of nowhere and knocks out the blind man with a hammer.

Does Rocky escape?

The two head back upstairs. However, within moments, Norman gets up, follows the two, and shoots Alex dead. He catches Rocky again and drags her into the house. In an intense struggle, Rocky gains some control over Norman after distracting him with the house alarm.

She whacks him over the head multiple times with a crowbar causing him to fall into the basement. The gun goes off, shooting him in the side.

Still in a state of disbelief, Rocky takes the money and leaves Norman’s arena.

At the airport, Rocky is with her sister preparing to leave for California. A news report on the TV states Norman Nordstorm is alive, and that both the burglars are dead. Rocky’s involvement in the burglary remains concealed… but is she really safe?

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