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DONEFOR – Sleep On It | Album Review

Track Listing

You’re Welcome 
Never Be The Same 
Time Is Always Better 
Blood For Blood 
All That’s Left 
Signal Fire 
Death Sentence 


DONEFOR is a band taking pop punk to new heights with their album Sleep On It, proving that the genre can boast good lyricism and even better sensibilities. The act powers on, injecting metal-core elements into their sound, increasing their diverse output and breaking norms. Throughout the album, we get to listen to a collective scream and sing about the end of the world, smashed love, and sunken dreams.  

The soaring melodies aren’t lost in the commotion, they’re at the forefront of everything. The metal-core magic also powers on, levelling with the pop-punk dramatics. The record sounds like it could be a 90s thriller, brought straight from that era, which in truth, is extremely cool.  

The band play their instrumentals well, and they connect the dots perfectly while expressing these lyrics which are honest and triumphant, to say the least. Under guitars and bass, the lyrics confirm the band is hurt, drowning in drink and emotion.  

10 songs make up this LP. ‘You’re Welcome’ is a cathartic song, emotionally connecting, and it describes life as a game. The stellar guitar lines interconnect brilliantly with the bass lines and the resounding percussion.    

‘Never Be The Same’ sounds like early Blink 182. The band has certainly taken influence from the pop-punk hard-hitters. The lyrics are pivotal on this track, conveying insanity and a deep dive into saturated love.  

‘Blood For Blood’ startles as a metal-core dream, committing to pop punk too. The instruments are on top form as the band describe lost dreams and a disconnection from the world.  

DONEFOR embraces two genres and offers lyrics that aren’t cliched or hyperbolic but tell a complete story.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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