Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Serious Stalker Vibes

Episode 4 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with the reveal of who’s behind Joon and watching Sook-Kyeong’s apartment block. It turns out it’s Ra-Ra’s doctor, Eun-Seok.

Joon is suspicious, to say the least, but it turns out his man actually lives in that same apartment block. He’s not the only one suspicious though, Eun-Seok asks Joon exactly why he’s being so cagey and hiding things.

Still, it’s a new day and that means Ra-Ra’s first working at the piano academy. Only, unfortunately student cancellations mean they no longer need an instructor.

This puts our girl back on the unemployed list again. Unsure how to break this to Joon, she hides behind a lamp-post when he rings to check on her. Eventually she admits the truth about her job.

Back at Joon’s house, she notices that he’s crafted a brand new area for her to stay over if need be. Only, they’re both distracted by a grand piano showing up as a gift, courtesy of handle “dodosolsollalasol”.

Whoever this is, they also left her a comment on social media promising to meet in 2 weeks’ time. While Ra-Ra is understandably joyed, Joon is cautious.

For now though, this is just the ticket Ra-Ra needs to start up a new venture. This music-based academy manifests itself under the name of La La Piano Land.

After setting things up, Eun-Seok rings Ra-Ra and asks when they can go for dinner together. When he shows up at the beauty clinic, Sook-Kyeong is completely smitten and more than a little nervous.

He wants a trim but her hands won’t stop shaking. Eventually she takes off a tiny amount from the top and heads out to help Ra-Ra with the opening of her academy.

He admits to being worried about Ra-Ra and thanks Joon for everything he’s doing for her. It turns out he was also at her wedding way back in the past. Wait, why was a doctor at her wedding? Anyway, as the camera pans out, it turns out someone in a suit is watching from afar.

The night draws to a close and Sook-Kyeong heads home. The streetlights start flickering en-route though and eventually go out.

Sensing she’s being watched, Sook-Kyeong’s fears manifest into a strange suited figure following from afar. That person actually happens to be Eun-Seok himself. He was apparently on his way home too and reiterates to her that he lives in the same Unit block.

That evening, Ra-Ra learns that Joon doesn’t have a family. She asks him to class her as family though as it will help give him strength. He brushes over this though and tells her to get to work paying him back.

Meanwhile, Sook-Kyeong gossips about Eun-Seok and how he lives above her. Given she’s single and he is too (apparently), the topic of romance inevitably turns to Ra-Ra.

Ra-Ra though is blindsided by Eun-Seok, who waits outside her apartment block to ask her for dinner. Due to her kind-nature, she allows him to tag along with her as she starts giving out flyers for piano lessons to her academy.

Afterwards, Eun-Seok takes Ra-Ra out for lunch but Joon’s not happy about why he’s doing that. After getting off the phone to him, Ra-Ra is confronted with a proposition.

Eun-Seok offers to pay up the entirety of her debt but instead she decides to keep with one debtor, and that being Joon. Eun-Seok is not happy and decides to rock the boat, asking how much she actually knows about Joon.

As we cut to the dock, we see a man wash up on shore with an ID card that ends in “Joon.” Hm, could it be that our Joon is using a fake name? The Detective there gets searching on what this could mean, breaking the news to the family about the dead man.

Elsewhere, Eun-Seok continues to buy gift for Ra-Ra to try and win over her heart, especially after she admitted to not being comfortable. Around these gifts, Ra-Ra continues to push her academy, putting up posters around town.

With Ra-Ra struggling for clients, Joon puts himself forward to be the first. Only, Eun-Seok shows up too and requests to learn the piano as well. Ra-Ra is convinced that Eun-Seok knows how to play though, especially the way he composes himself.

Eun-Seok suddenly drops his façade, showcasing that he can definitely play.

After the lesson, Eun-Seok decides to take Ra-Ra home given they live in the same block. As they head off together, Joon mopes around work and at home, unable to focus.

That evening, Ra-Ra arrives to say hi to Mimi and the pair enjoy feeling the rainfall outside together. With the rain pouring down, Joon offers to take her home but only has one umbrella. Unfortunately this idea is thrown out the window when Eun-Seok messages and agrees to give Ra-Ra a ride home.

As lightning crackles outside, flashes from the past come back for Joon. Frightened, he suddenly grabs Ra-Ra and holds her tight, begging her not to go. As a tear falls from his face, the episode comes to a close.

Only, just before it does, we cut back for a cheeky epilogue where Joon hides a second umbrella.

The Episode Review

Is anyone else getting major stalker vibes from Eun-Seok? He may seem innocent but there’s definitely something off with him. From the phone notifications and pill popping to the sudden piano playing and waiting outside for Ra-Ra, all of these lead me to believe he’s the stalker.

This could all be part of the plan though to throw a red herring our way. After all, who is that man watching atop the cliff during Ra-Ras’s opening academy shindig? A family member perhaps?

Anyway, for now Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol bows out with another decent episode, one leaving plenty of questions unanswered for the upcoming episodes.

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