Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Piano Memories

After the big misunderstanding last episode, episode 3 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins with all four characters gathering to explain their actions. Eun-Seok showed up because he was worried about Ra-Ra – she is his patient after all.

A jealous Ha-Young declares Joon to be her boyfriend, prompting Ra-Ra to apologize. There’s obvious tension between the two girls but Ha-Young eventually agrees to let Ra-Ra stay at her house.

On the way up the hill they get talking about Joon’s desire to help people. Sadly, this hits another snag when Sook-Kyeong calls her a parasite – followed by a hilarious spoof poster from the hit film of the same name.

Unfortunately this sees Ra-Ra back on the street again with no phone reception and bleak prospects for the future.

Thankfully Joon shows up to comfort her. As he does, Eun-Seok drives past and spots them. “What’s wrong with me?” He says, before leaving. While he drives away, Joon-Young pops Ra-Ra on the back of his bike. He drives her back to the Beauty Salon where Joon agrees to vouch for her rent for now.

As Ra-Ra settles into her room, Sook-Kyeong and Ha-Young contemplate whether she’s a scammer or not. They eventually notice it’s too quiet in Ra-Ra’s room and head off to investigate. Only, she’s conked out on the floor. In her sleepy state she reveals the stress she’s feeling over what to do for a job.

After dreaming of playing the piano, Ra-Ra is awoken and immediately gives big compliments to both Sook-Kyeong and Ha-Young for their cooking and hairdressing work respectively. Afterwards, she heads out and manages to get a job at a piano academy.

Back at the Beauty Salon, Sook-Kyeong and the other ladies discuss Ra-Ra’s past as she reveals all. Given the dramatic nature of it all, Sook-Kyeong wonders whether Joon is a loan shark or not.

Obviously he isn’t but clearly loan sharks of some description are after him…but why? Joon’s past is clearly a touchy subject though, especially as Ra-Ra finds an old photo of Joon with a friend. Shouting at her to put it down, he eventually composes himself enough to apologize.

The next day, Ra-Ra continues to stalk Joon and watch him at work. This definitely doesn’t go down well with Ha-Young when she shows up. Ra-Ra tells her not to worry though, especially given she’ll be working soon.

However, they sit together and eat nonetheless. Joon’s boss is convinced that this trio are his fan club and asks him to take the fans with him when he leaves work.

That’s not the only thing they take though. Mimi is discharged from hospital but Soon-Kyeong is allergic to dogs and makes the dog leave. Thankfully Joon agrees to hold onto her for the time being.

Back at the hospital, Eun-Seok takes a whole stack of pills but writes it off as “vitamins” to his receptionist. This obviously isn’t true though but he is weirdly obsessed with Ra-Ra, keeping a log of when her cast needs to come off on his phone.

After helping Ra-Ra, he plucks up the courage and asks her out for dinner. She doesn’t say no but does reveal that she’s busy.

That busy afternoon results in disaster as Ra-Ra returns home to find Mimi has had an accident on Joon’s bed. At the launderettes they get cleaning which eventually leads to Joon opening up slightly and showing a more sensitive side. He encourages her not to give up the piano.

With that out the way, Ra-Ra’s presented with a piano outside where she performs for Sook-Kyeong and the family. They’re baffled by her skills but Joon stops Ra-Ra from overworking her fingers. Only, Eun-Seok says the exact same thing from afar as he sees Ra-Ra playing.

Deciding to try and make Ra-Ra’s dreams come true, Joon tries to save up cash for a new piano for Ra-Ra. Meanwhile, Ra-Ra takes a request from a local man at the park who overhears her playing. This brings back fond memories of his (presumably) deceased wife.

As tears fall from his face, Ra-Ra stops playing and realizes that her piano skills are having a profound effect on those around her. This ignites her own passion in playing again.

On the back of this, she phones Joon and reveals what happened with the old man. Only, the irony here is that her music had the same effect on him as he sat outside listening to her play.

As he looks up at the apartment, someone stands behind him. As the scene shifts, we see a strange stalker pinning up pictures from Ra-Ra’s social media account all over a darkened room. Could this be the Do Do Sol Sol guy?

The Episode Review

Calling it now – the stalker is Eun-Seok. The pills could be controlling a hidden mental condition and his obsession with Ra-Ra extends to phone notifications for his patient. There’s definitely something fishy going on there and I think he’s the Do Do Sol Sol guy.

Still, this episode continues to deliver great humour with the Parasite spoof a definite highlight. Go Ara effortlessly oozes this bubbling charm with Ra-Ra while Jae-Wook is a really likable protagonist – a far cry from his character in Extraordinary You.

There’s a lot of talented actors working on this one and the ending here certainly leaves the door open for a much darker and more dramatic show to follow. Hopefully this doesn’t offset the humour though which has – so far at least – been excellent throughout.

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