Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Pianist Patient

Episode 2 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol builds off the foundations for the first episode to deliver a hilarious follow-up.

The car accident from before sees Woo-Joon forced to call an ambulance to help Ra-Ra. While she’s seen to, Joon-Woon ignores Eun-Seok’s questions about why he’s helping. Instead, he shrugs it off and spins a story that he’s trying to sue her.

Ra-Ra awakens and learns that Mimi is at the vets undergoing surgery. Given Ra-Ra’s arms are both in plaster, she suspects the worst about her own predicament.

It turns out her right arm needs to stay in a cast for 3 weeks whereas the left only needs a week. She’s hopeful to still play the piano though and sits with Woo-Joon. She discusses the message from the mystery person online with the handle Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Dodo for short here.)

Whoever this is, they’ve left her a message telling her they’re going on a business trip for a month.

As Woo-Joon starts helping Woo-Joon, he mentions suing her for the mental stress she’s put him under. “5 million should do the trick,” He says. Only…she’s obviously completely broke.

Instead, he takes her back to her room where Ra-Ra goes through a number of different tasks Woo-Joon is forced to conduct to help her get settled.

In the morning, a woman arrives at the ward and believes Woo-Joon and Ra-Ra are romantically involved. They quickly dispel that notion though, as Eun-Seok arrives to check on his patients.

Only… Woo-Joon is stuck with Ra-Ra’s medical bill of 3 million won. She promises to pay him back though and tells him to add it to her quickly-growing IOU.

It’s exhausting for him though and Woo-Joon works around the clock to try and pay Ra-Ra’s medical expenses.

Back home, we’re introduced to Ha-Young who asks questions about Woo-Joon bringing vegetables home. She also offers up a pretty lucrative opportunity to earn 500,000 won in 2 days. Wondering whether Ra-Ra will be okay, he heads off to check this out.

Woo-Joon quickly realizes that what he’s involved with may well be a scam. As guards stand in his way, he’s escorted out the building.

Meanwhile, Eun-Seok arrives to find Ra-Ra crying on the floor because her head is so itchy and she can’t scratch it. As he helps her out, Woo-Joon arrives and takes Ra-Ra outside for a bike ride.

Together they sit overlooking the beauty of the town below where Ra-Ra discusses her past. She mentions marrying for her Father and her trip over to the island solely for Dodo.

She admits that being poor is terrifying and takes the chance to ask Woo-Joon for more money.

On the back of this, Woo-Joon takes Ra-Ra to a beauty clinic and starts washing her hair. She throws lavish praise his way and admits that he’s really handsome. This promptly gets a cloth thrown in her face for her troubles.

The next day, Woo-Joon helps get Ra-Ra discharged from hospital as her casts are taken off. She continues to borrow money from Woo-Joon, including cab-fare to take her to the beauty clinic.

There, she meets the clinic owner Sook-Kyeong who believes Ra-Ra has stacks of cash given her lavish bag and possessions.

She starts getting a beauty treatment where she’s introduced to Sook-Kyeong’s daughter. Ra-Ra promises to pay later but she’s called out for her sketchiness. Just as things begin escalating, Woo-Joon arrives and saves her from her predicament.

Meanwhile, Eun-Seok notices something awry with Woo-Joon and is convinced that he’s trying to hide his true identity. Of course, this is absolutely the truth given those people from before are after him.

Eun-Seok phones the number Woo-Joon gave which happens to be for the beauty salon. As he goes snooping, a topless Woo-Joon leans over a sleeping Ra-Ra to grab a bottle of drink that rolled under her mattress.

Only… Ra-Ra awakens and finds Woo-Joon hanging over her. She screams, bringing everyone out to check on her and seeing Woo-Joon topless. Oh no!

The Episode Review

Building off the first episode, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol leans into its comedy beautifully as our lead pair settle into their roles.

Ra-Ra building up a large tab for Woo-Joon to pay is a nice inclusion and sets up a decent foundation to work off. Hopefully we’ll see the fates change later on as Ra-Ra pays him back. At least that’s the way I believe this one is going.

There’s a couple of well written comedy segments in here too. Most notably, the nose blowing segment and the hair washing as Woo-Joon throws a cloth over Ra-Ra’s face, were both excellent.

With no Mimi in sight, the drama instead focuses on our lead duo but the ending leaves the door wide open for next week.

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