Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Real Mr. Twinkle

Episode 15 of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol begins at the airport as Joon prepares to leave. Korea Only.. he’s not actually leaving just yet, it’s Ga-Yeong who’s heading back first.

As Joon walks away, Ms Gong returns from the US to greet Ra-Ra. As she wraps her arms around her, Ra-Ra begins crying, happy to see her former teacher. From afar, Joon sees their reunion and remembers Ra-Ra’s words about her. Sadly, he thinks how nice it would have been to met her.

Anyway, Ra-Ra returns home and shows Gong the music studio. Eventually she breaks down everything she’s been through and the pair catch up, involving “Mr Twinkle” still being in hospital.

When the conversation turns to Joon, things are a little more bittersweet as Ra-Ra struggles not to cry. Remembering her teacher’s words, she heads on the piano and starts playing to get her emotions out.

Not long after, she meets Ra-Ra’s landlady and all the divorced ladies who transform her hair. Only, they transform it into the conventional “Eunpo Welcome”, which Mi-Sook smiles through but clearly isn’t too enthused about. However, she is happy that Ra-Ra is surrounded by such wonderful people. That evening, she tells Ra-Ra to never to give up the piano.

In the morning, Eun-Seok’s ex arrives at his apartment but finds Min-Su living with him. Heading inside, she comments how nice their apartment is and Min-Su boasts that he knows everything about her. Min-Su silently leaves a card for her on the table and when Eun-Seok leaves, pitches his piece for her to hire him as a client.

Eun-Seok meanwhile visits Ra-Ra who thanks him for everything he’s done with buying the building and helping with the rent. As the conversation turns to Joon, Eun-Seok reveals the truth that really it was Joon who bought the building – not him. He was convinced by Joon’s Mother to buy the place and help Ra-Ra indirectly. In order to do that, he had to change his career choice and go to medical school.

When Ra-Ra returns home, she learns from Min-Su that all those photos of the couple were staged to give him a reason to break up with her and make it easier to forget what’s happened.

With Joon’s things all packed up, he heads to his Father’s office and learns indirectly from his parents that he has leukemia. It’s a huge blow and one that sees him wonder whether he’ll survive.

As Ra-Ra looks over the pictures, we cut back to Spring 2019 as Joon visits a shop and enquires about watermelon juice. She cries out when he looks set to buy it first and because of her lost purse (because Joong-Ho stole it of course) the pair sit down and drink together.

Only, he’s interrupted by a phone call that sends him outside. Given she needs to go, Ra-Ra finishes her drink and walks away. As she does, she leaves a note on a napkin for her but she doesn’t get a chance to see this given it blew away.

Finally remembering crucial details from her past, Ra-Ra races up to Joon’s house. Only she’s too late as Joon agonizingly passes in a car.

Here though, Ra-Ra finally learns the truth about Joon. It turns out he actually was Mr. Twinkle after all, as the café they first met was called DoDoSolSolLaLaSol. When Joon receives the message, he hurries out the car and charges up the street to find her. Eventually they lay eyes on one another once more.

Finally the true story is revealed and it turns out Joon liked Ra-Ra first and had a crush on her for a long time. Only, Ji-Hun got there first and quelled his chances.

The incident at the wedding was purely coincidental though but over time he grew more fond of her. The piano being sent was done by Joon but he faked it being sent from Mr Kim and made it seem like it was his doing.

With Joon leaving for the US, he phones his Mother who agrees to give him 2 days to visit Lala Land and get his affairs in order. Finally he and Ra-Ra get a proper goodbye with the Eunpo quintet together again – Eun-Seok, Joon, Ra-Ra, Seung-Ki and Ha-Young. They have a lovely evening together, followed by Ra-Ra and Joon alone that evening.

Joon gives her a couple ring to wear and in exchange for his kindness, she plays the piano for him. This causes him to weep.

That evening, Joon sleeps with Ra-Ra fully clothed of course and the two look incredibly peaceful together. It’s their last night too and as Joon looks set to leave, he hugs Ra-Ra at the airport and says his goodbyes.

During the epilogue, Joon and Seung-Ki talk and say their goodbyes too. He thanks Joon for his help, who in turn admits that he’s scared about leaving.

The Episode Review

We finally get to find out who the real DoDoSolSol is and it turns out it’s Joon after all. Understanding their past and how it all slots together is a lovely inclusion and all of this builds up to a wonderfully optimistic ending and a good send-off for Joon.

Then again, with Joon leaving for now the preview for tomorrow’s finale seems to hint at a bittersweet conclusion to this tale. If that’s the case it could undermine a lot of the great work done so far as I genuinely don’t think a sad ending would fit this series.

One thing’s for sure though, Lee Jae-Wook and Go Ara have been really good in this drama, with both of them stepping into their respective roles nicely. Quite what tomorrow’s finale will bring remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – you’re not going to want to miss it!

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  1. Episode 16
    Jun’s mother comes gives bad news and everyone thinks he’s dead and after ” 5 ” years he comes back. 5 years?????
    Did they change the ending to make it happy?

  2. The whole cancer diagnosis seems to come completely out of left field. I mean he seemed completely fine then suddenly, he is sick? Seems like lazy writing to make yet another obstacle for this couple, lol. Don’t they literally have enough of those already?

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