Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp – Episode 5 Recap & Review


At the beginning of Doctor Elise Episode 5, Dr. Gothe requests to meet with Dr. Graham and Elise. We can tell they were summoned because Dr. Sven, who wanted to meet the surgeon who removed the spleen, is also there.

They are taken aback when Dr. Graham reveals that Elise was the one, given that she has only recently begun training with him. On the other hand, Dr. Graham tells them she’s brilliant. When they ask her to describe the procedure, she surprises them with her detailed account. Following this, the three doctors sign a document so she can appear for the medical examination.

After this, Dr. Sven informs the King of Elise’s capabilities. Bent advises his majesty to get the prince married to Elise at the earliest. However, the King intends to keep the promise he made to Elise.

On the other hand, the prince disguises him as Ron and visits Elise for treatment. His confidence in her ability to treat is low at first. Nevertheless, she succeeds in curing him entirely over the course of several days. Following their last session, the Prince feels a burning desire to see Elise again, so he pays a visit to the hospital to help with the cleaning.

Following this, the prince asks Elise’s brother for advice on how to win over his sister. Subsequently, he presents Elise with a pricey ring. However, Elise refuses to take it. He proceeds by saying he’ll buy her strawberry cakes and whatever else she wants for dessert. As the episode ends, Elise is truly ecstatic.

The Episode Review

In the fifth episode, Elise treats the prince. On the other hand, Elise is granted permission to take the examination. The king also finds out that Elise is quite bright.

This episode has an exciting, entertaining, and intriguing plot. From the start to the end, it captivates you. However, the show’s medical and historical elements appear too strange for us to take them seriously. The episode is enjoyable aside from that.

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