Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

At the beginning of Doctor Elise Episode 4, Doctor Graham takes Elise with him to a ward that houses grave patients. He then presents Elise, in his disguise of Rose, to the staff. He then leaves to carry on with other duties. The staff, however, is sceptical of Rose’s capabilities given her fine appearance.

Not long after that, a patient at the ward where Rose has been assigned is reportedly in critical condition. A physician present is prepared to take an X-ray. However, when Elise sees how little time they have, she jumps right into the procedure. The surgery is complete by the time Doctor Graham arrives. At this time, he feels Rose is gifted and is very pleased by her expertise and skills.

Not long after that, a mysterious man named Randall arrives for treatment. According to Doctor Graham, his condition is so bad that no amount of medical intervention would help. Alternatively, Elise states clearly that she will make every effort necessary to cater to the patient’s condition.

The identity of the mysterious man is revealed to be the prince at this time. He went to a fair while disguised, as we find out. In the present day, the prince wonders if Elise, who just started working at the hospital, can help Randall. However, Elise promises that she will save the patient.

Following this, Elise starts operating on the patient with the help of Dr. Graham and the prince. She not only performs the surgical procedure, but she also amazes Dr. Graham and the prince with her abilities. After that, the patient is moved from Teresa Hospital to the Royal Hospital.

The episode ends with the prince talking to Elise, during which he appears to be extremely flushed. However, Elise is concerned that he has a medical issue and that he needs to see a doctor. Meanwhile, a doctor from the Royal Hospital is gushing about the surgeon who changed the face of spleen surgery during a chat with the chief doctor at Teresa Hospital. At the end of the episode, the chief doctor at Teresa hospital requests to meet with Dr. Graham and Elise.

The Episode Review

In episode 4, Elise manages to stand out by showcasing her expertise in medicine. Following that, someone arrives at Teresa Hospital with an extremely serious and incurable injury. An intriguing attraction develops between Elise and the mysterious, good-looking young man who goes with the patient.

This episode has an interesting and impressive plot. However, the plot is absurd and the show’s setting in this particular century is baffling. While medical technology has come a long way in that era, doctors still don’t understand diabetes.

In addition, the procedures seem to be quite thorough, which clarifies things but also makes them look oversimplified. Strangely, the show simultaneously wants us to take it seriously and asks us not to think too much.

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