Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Doctor Elise Episode 3 begins with Elise receiving the news that she will be starting an apprenticeship under the supervision of a doctor called Graham at Teresa Hospital. Furthermore, Elise requests the pseudonym Rose from the medical team because she does not want to be treated differently.

After being sent to Teresa Hospital to assist Doctor Graham, Elise is first made to feel inferior to him. He fears she won’t make it through the first week in the ward. Following that, he escorts her to the ward, where those in critical condition who have been left by the hospital’s doctors are housed.

At first, everyone in the ward, even the patients, believe Elise is incapable of addressing her situation. Nonetheless, she helps the patients by drawing on her previous life’s expertise as a doctor. With the help of the nurses, she starts by cleaning the unit. Following that, she saves a critically ill patient after operating on him. After this, she treats every single patient in the unit.

Doctor Graham is surprised by Elise’s talents when he checks on her. Following this, he offers to be her mentor and apologises for looking down on her. On the other hand, after Minchester informs his doctor about Elise’s diagnosis, the doctor confirms that Elise was correct: Minchester has diabetes. Furthermore, Elise turns out to be right about the threat of the war as well.

The Episode Review

As she starts her apprenticeship at Teresa Hospital in episode 3, Elise conceals her identity. She helps her patients by applying what she learned as Takamoto Aoi. Even if she has sceptics, she quickly disproves them in a significant manner.

The plot of this episode is intriguing, as was the plot of the previous episodes, however it does seem fairly absurd. The characters and their arcs seem interesting as well. In terms of maintaining viewers’ interest, the show is currently doing above par. Going forward, it will be interesting to watch how the plot develops.

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