Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp – Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Gamble

The events of the previous episode are continued in Doctor Elise Episode 2. Elise is happy to see her family after she’s been given a second chance in her previous life. Her mother attributes her daughter’s altered demeanor to the punishment she recently received, while her family notices a marked change. Marie is also taken aback by Elise’s altered demeanor when she treats her staff with kindness.

You can see Elise writing down all the things that went wrong the last time. The story of her second-eldest brother Chris’s death in the Kusef campaign is recounted by her. She goes on to talk of the House of Trestan’s uprising and her stepmother Emily’s untimely death from illness. Emperor Minchester dies of a severe chronic sickness, the House of Clorence is exterminated, and she also remembers the execution of her father and eldest brother Ren for protecting her. Furthermore, after the Kusef War, an epidemic rising in the east spreads, three towns in the south are closed off, and estimated fatalities are forty-seven thousand people.

The action shifts to Elise paying a visit to Linden, her fiancé, and his family, alongside her parents and brothers Ren and Chris. This is when Elise demonstrates her grasp of global politics and, by extension, warfare. She takes this action to put off the disaster that is about to happen. This impresses Emperor Minchester.

As they discuss Elise’s potential marriage to Crown Prince Linden, son of Emperor Minchester, she expresses her reluctance to the idea, citing the immense responsibility it would impose on her. On the contrary, she expresses a desire to join the medical field and help people. Following this, Emperor Minchester makes a wager with her: if she becomes a doctor before she comes of age, she can choose the path she wishes, or she has to marry Linden and become the empress. Following this, Elise agrees to take the wager.

Elise privately meets with Crown Prince Linden to apologize for her past wrongdoings. She then assures him that she will become a doctor and that he won’t have to marry her. On the other hand, Linden displays interest in her and seems to have feelings for her.

The Episode Review

Elise makes a tough choice in the second episode to save the lives of people close to her from an impending disaster. Emperor Minchester doesn’t instantly embrace her determination, but she musters up the strength to tell him nonetheless. He instead proposes a bet that could affect her future.

The show’s plot is riveting and interesting, and it maintains your attention the whole time. Additionally, the central character seems well fleshed out. However, up to this point, the supporting characters have primarily served as props. We are only two episodes in, so this could change.

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