Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp – Episode 1 Recap & Review


In the opening scene of Doctor Elise Episode 1, we see the crowd’s terrified expressions and the flames that represent the past horror. Following that, we leap forward in time to see Elise reincarnated as Takamoto, a surgeon.

Takamoto is a highly regarded surgeon who has a reputation for saving lives in extreme situations. Her surgical intervention saves a cancer patient who was on the verge of death.

Following that, we see Takamoto, her friend Shouko, and her coworker leaving for a restaurant. They are both raving about Takamoto’s surgical prowess. Here we find out that Takamoto is actually trying to make up for her misdeeds from a previous life by saving as many people as she can.

In a flash, it becomes clear that Takamoto is on the way to Germany to operate on a critically ill patient. Takamoto boards the flight, hoping to see her parents and her older siblings of her past life. We learn that in her new life, she was born as an orphan and led a lonely life in an orphanage as a kid.

Unfortunately, Takamoto’s plane crashes as she is on her way. Fortunately, Takamoto manages to stay alive and lends a hand to the injured flight attendants. While authorities on a helicopter approach the crashed plane, she learns she is severely wounded, and after saving everyone on board, and she dies from blood loss.

Takamoto is then given a second chance in her past life as the empress of Britia Elise de Clorence. Her family’s deaths and the kingdom’s decline were allegedly her fault the first time around. This time around though, she wakes up in her bed to find herself in the past. At that point, the tale ends as she hurries to the dining room to see her family, her eyes welling up with tears.

The Episode Review

We find out in episode one that Elise was known as the Villainous Empress in a previous life. Now she’s Takamoto Aoi, the brilliant surgeon, trying to make amends by saving as many lives as possible. While en route to Germany for a surgical procedure, the plane starts to tank.

The first episode does a good job of introducing us to the main characters and setting the stage for the plot. Not only that, but we also seamlessly switch between three different timelines here.

Overall, the plot is truly fascinating. Although some parts seem too implausible to be true, the plot is interesting and engaging anyway. On top of that, some of it is easy to miss because it is a fantastical tale.


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