Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Doctor Climax starts with a young woman writing to Doctor Climax, revealing she is thinking about having an abortion. The doctor advises her to reconsider. He says she has only one choice: to take responsibility and behave like an adult. Meanwhile, Pornchai doubles down on his public bashing of the Doctor Climax column.

What happened to Nat?

While having sex, Nat realises that Tukta has changed too much, so he asks her to stop, and they talk. Tukta asks if he even knows her. 

It is confirmed that Linda is pregnant and Nat is the dad. However, she doesn’t tell Nat immediately. She avoids him even when he visits her. She refuses to open the door and listens as he confesses his love for her from the other side of the door. Nat clarifies that falling in love with her was worthwhile.

His failing marriage, Sangjaan’s incident and his relationship with Linda make Nat question if he is ready to return as Doctor Climax. To help, Choo shows him hundreds of letters from people thanking him for his help through the column. Nat realises that the column does more help than harm.

Do the police arrest Doctor Climax?

After getting discharged, Permpol visits the police and gives his statement. He does his best to clear Sangjaan of the charges. At the police station, he overhears the police’s plan to trap Tien while he visits the sex club later that night. He calls Choo and informs him that the police have set a trap for Tien at the sex club. Choo, Nat and Permpol sneak into the club in an effort to save Tien, who is getting ready for his first performance with Plern. 

Nat is mistaken for a performer and is dragged to the stage and tied to a gurney. Meanwhile, Permpol tries to get Tien’s attention from the control room but fails. In the end, he shouts and alerts everyone that the cops are in the club. Everyone starts running after hearing Permpol’s warning. Plern decides to leave Tien behind as he helps Nat to get free, The two of them run until they come to a dead-end. Tien hides Nat under some empty boxes and surrenders to the police officers chasing them. 

What happens after Tien is arrested?

Tien refuses to admit he is Doctor Climax during an intense interrogation. Pornchai and Captain Pao lean on him hard, hoping he will slip up, but he doesn’t. Choo brings in a lawyer and points out that the police broke the rules by allowing Pornchai to interrogate a suspect. The police don’t have evidence that Tien was participating in a public sex act.

With no evidence, Tien is set free, but he sees Plern and realises she betrayed him. Pornchai refuses to give up and gets a call from Nat. He introduces himself as Doctor Climax and mocks Pornchai for getting the wrong man. He announces that Doctor Climax is coming back and will reveal his identity.

Later in a meeting, Nat says the same to Tien and Choo. He promises he will tell his family everything from the column to the affair. However, Pornchai reveals Tien’s arrest to the press and not only links him to Doctor Climax but destroys his reputation.

This forces Choo to fire Tien with immediate effect. He becomes Bangkok Express’s sacrificial lamb, and not even revealing the real Doctor Climax can save him. People are angry about him being at the sex club and couldn’t care less if he is Doctor Climax.

Does Nat reveal himself as Doctor Climax?

After Tien is fired, Nat devises a plan to deal with Pornchai and Captain Pao. He and Choo interrupt Pornchai’s press conference and reveal Pornchai and Captain Pao’s involvement in hiring decoys for a sting operation. They write a story on the case, citing how the police use Plern to set Tien up. The two men are arrested for entrapment, and Tien’s name is cleared. Nat then reveals himself.

What happens to Tukta?

Her new lover leaves the country without telling her. She meets up with Linda and has a conversation about the affair. Linda apologises and explains that she didn’t mean to hurt Tukta. Tukta reveals that she knows Nat doesn’t love her, but she is still his wife. She admits she doesn’t love Nat either, but life has to go on. She blames Linda for ruining her family and walks away.   She goes home and faints, but Nat’s mom quickly calls for help. 

Luckily, the doctors are able to save her life. Nat arrives home worried, only to learn that Tukta is okay and four weeks pregnant. His mom is beyond the moon but Nat is confused as to how this miracle happened. Tukta refuses to acknowledge the elephant in the room and only sarcastically asks if Nat is happy.

She has been planning on divorcing Nat and being with her new lover. This is why she met with Tong, and he warned her that her infidelity would affect her more as a woman. After learning she is pregnant and Nat can use this as evidence of her infidelity, she decides to get an abortion.

What happens to Linda?

She opts to have an abortion, but her nurse friend refuses to help her through it. Instead, she sends her to a different clinic. However, the decision weighs heavily in Linda’s mind and heart. She calls her mom before the procedure and indirectly asks if the mom will hate her for doing something terrible. Her mom says it is okay if no one gets hurt. Linda admits she is overwhelmed and tired of being strong.

She breaks down on the phone and cries. Before Nat reveals his identity, Linda visits him and reveals she is pregnant. Nat brings up her IUD, and she pulls away from him. She promises him that she will be okay and will get an abortion. The news shocks Nat as he is against abortions. However, the staff summons him, and Linda walks away. On her way out, she recognises a man named Khomson, but who is he?

How does Doctor Climax end?

Nat is still in shock about Linda’s revelation as he faces the press and reveals his identity. He is against abortions, and all he can think about is the advice he gave the young girl in relation to the topic.

The Episode Review 

The show tried its best to amp up the stakes in this finale episode but added an unnecessary cliffhanger. Who is Khomson, and is Tukta really going to get an abortion or keep the baby? Will Nat stop Linda from getting an abortion, and what does this mean for their relationship?

We also don’t know if Tukta will file for a divorce and if her new lover will be back. Basically, we know nothing. This episode gave us more questions than answers, and we hope to get a new season to figure everything out.

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  1. Tukta didn’t try to kill herself. At 36:19 minutes of Episode 8 The Madam (Nat’s mom) of the house says, “Don’t get up yet. You just fainted”.

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