Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of Doctor Climax starts with a flashback to what happened to Nat’s parents. We learn that Nat’s dad is gay and has been living separately from the family after coming out to his wife. Currently, a different woman is going through the same with her husband, who wants to know if homosexuality is hereditary. However, Doctor Climax is nowhere to be found, and Bangkok Express is forced to temporarily stop the column. Linda is also MIA.

Nat locks himself up in his clinic and has an internal conflict with his two personas as he blames himself for what happened with Sangjaan. As for Linda, she throws herself into alcohol and has a one-night stand with a casual friend, Muek.

On the other hand, Tukta continues seeing her new man, and he gives her a new butterfly ring to replace her wedding ring. He says the ring signifies that Tukta is a butterfly that can fly away and secure its freedom. Tukta takes this as a sign and reaches out to her old high school boyfriend, Tong.

After drowning in self-guilt for days, Nat visits his dad and his boyfriend, Pan. Nat’s dad has aged and has a broken leg, but he is grateful to see his son after many years. Pan explains that Nat’s dad never stopped loving him and even put aside a room for him. The reunion helps the father and son clear up their misunderstanding. As Nat was really young when things between his parents deteriorated, talking with his dad gives him a new perspective of what happened. 

Nat’s dad encourages him to live his life well and have a grandchild to make his mom happy. He is not shocked that Nat is Doctor Climax; on the contrary, he is proud. He gives Nat the same advice he gives his readers. The talk also helps Nat understand homosexuality but triggers memories of what happened when his parents broke up. After the visit, Nat gets some clarity on what to do next,

He visits Sanjaan in jail and apologises for not answering his letter on time. Sangjaan’s parents start to blame him for ruining their son’s life, but Sangjaan defends him. He points out that his dad was the first to beat and turn against him. In his response to Sangjaan, Nat advises him to hold on and persevere.

It is a moving letter, full of hope and accountability. The incident with Sangjaan opened Nat’s eyes to the discrimination minorities face, and he is willing to work on changing that. He talks about how times are changing, and soon, Sangjaan will find himself in an accepting world.

After visiting Sangjaan, Nat stops by the hospital to see Permpol and apologises. Thank God our little pookie is alive. He graciously accepts Nat’s apology and encourages him to stop running from his problems. He says Nat saved Sangjaan’s life and kept him alive. He tells Nat about Linda’s resignation, which he heard from Choo. He asks Nat to find her and make sure she is okay. 

On the other hand, Tien gets a call from Plern inviting him to meet again. However, he doesn’t remember giving her his number. They meet up and have sex. Plern convinces Tien to perform a show with her at the sex club to prove he is cured, and he agrees. He has no idea that Plern is working with the police and setting him up.

Elsewhere, Tukta has a dinner date with Tong, but he turns her down and confesses he is married with two kids. He is concerned since Tukta has changed all of a sudden but in a good way. At home, Nat talks to his mom after she confronts him for not being around and shows him his photos with Tien. He assures her that he is not gay or dating Tien. He finally tells her that he saw his dad, and for once, they have an honest talk. Nat’s mom is so relieved that Nat is not gay and that he will give her grandchildren.

After Tukta returns, Nat realises that she has changed a lot. He sincerely apologises to her, and for the first time in their marriage, they have passionate sex. Nat is surprised by how Tukta takes charge and focuses on giving herself pleasure, too. The episode ends with Linda learning that she is pregnant. Who is the daddy?

The Episode Review

Nat’s letter to Sangjaan felt cathartic and helped heal part of his soul that was hurt. It feels a bit unfair that Sangjaan is in jail. Yes, we know he had a gun, but he never meant to hurt anyone. He only wanted to kill himself. Permpol got shot as Nat and Sangjaan struggled for the gun. Thankfully, Permpol is fine, and maybe Sangjaan can get a lighter sentence. 

This episode saw Nat find some much-needed clarity and move forward to work on his marriage, but it still feels hopeless between him and Tukta. There are still so many things left unsaid, and they need to address these issues before moving forward. There is also that twist with Linda. She is pregnant, but is Nat, the baby’s father? What does this mean for all parties involved?

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