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Episode 6 of Doctor Climax starts with Doctor Climax going through the letters. This episode is centred on people’s perverted thoughts, so there is a lot to take in. From a man sleeping with a banana plant to a woman putting jam on her private parts and getting her dog to lick her. You get the picture, so we will stop here!

As expected, some of these responses get more people against Doctor Climax, and they call him out for entertaining perversity. Of course, leading the charge is Pornchai. The heavy backlash leads to some staff questioning Choo, but the man and Tien remain adamant that they will stand firm in their beliefs to help everyone and go to war with the conservatives.

On the other hand, Tukta starts having phone sex with her new lover, and her mother-in-law overhears her moaning by herself in the room. Later, Pornchai, his wife, Nat’s mom, and Nat meet for tea. Pornchai is excited to meet Nat since he is the son of a well-known surgeon. Pornchai is proud of Nat and starts bashing Doctor Climax along with his mom.

Nat says he agrees with the column, as sex is a normal thing. Nat’s mom quickly changes the topic, but Pornchai is not pleased to be called a self-righteous dinosaur. He counters Nat by saying Doctor Climax is a coward for hiding his identity if he is doing so much good.

Later, Nat replies to the letter from a gay boy called Sangjaan. Sangjaan has known since he was ten that he is gay. He is currently in a secret relationship with his boyfriend and is tired of hiding his authentic self. He is worried that his parent’s plan to get him married is finally taking shape and wants advice on what to do.

Doctor Climax advises him to live his life truthfully as homosexuality is not a disease, and humans need to be more understanding of different kinds of love. Sangjaan takes his advice to follow his heart and kisses his boyfriend in public during a party.

Tien confronts Nat and asks him to ease up since the backlash is heavy, and it will be worse if he talks about LGBTQ rights. At the same time, Nat receives a letter from Plern thanking him for sending her a good man and inviting him to join them. Nat starts getting suspicious of Tien and follows him at night.

He is not good at it, and Tien sees him coming from a mile away. He confronts Tien with the letter, and they talk about his condition in detail. Tien admits he felt too embarrassed before, but the sex club cured him. Nat worries the sex club is too depraved, but Tien says it is all good.

Later, Nat gets home, and his mom scolds him for not satisfying Tukta. She tells him about Tukta’s loud moans during the day and how she said something about being true to herself and following her heart. Nat’s mom thinks it is all because of Doctor Climax. However, Nat is too embarrassed to ask Tukta anything, especially after finding out she threw away the family pills he has been giving her. 

The next morning. News of the HIV/AIDS epidemic breaks out, and it is reported that the disease is prevalent in gay men. Pornchai is quick to call a press meeting and blame Doctor Climax for advocating for gay sex and apparently causing the epidemic. On the other hand, Sangjaan writes another letter talking about how his boyfriend denied him in front of everyone.

His dad beat him to the brink of death and kicked him out. He then got a second beating from his boyfriend and his friends. At this point, Sangjaan is thinking of killing himself because of all the stigma he has gone through since he publicly came out. He asks Doctor Climax what happens next after following his heart. 

Sadly, Nat is dealing with the mess in his life, and Permpol feels bad for him. He gives him Linda’s home address and makes Nat promise never to hurt her again. Nat travels to Linda’s hometown and apologises. He asks Linda to return to work, but she gives him a few conditions. She asks him to apologise to his wife and try to make the marriage work. She also makes him promise they will never have sex again.

Meanwhile, Pornchai and  Captain Pao reunite with a common goal to destroy Doctor Climax. Captain Pao approaches Plern and threatens her to turn against Tien. They are not the only ones worried about the column.

Nat’s mom meets with the PI and nearly has a heart attack when he shows her the pictures of Tien going to a sex club with a woman. She also learns that someone else is keeping an eye on Tien, but as the picture is not clear, she doesn’t recognise it as Pornchai. She asks the PI to investigate the new man as well. 

With Linda’s help, Nat tries to play the role of the apologetic husband but Tukta barely gives him any attention. She even asks him to stop in the middle of having sex, and Nat realises he can’t do it anymore. He confronts Linda the next day and tries to convince her that he won’t fix things with Tukta. As he chases after her, Permpol stops him and reports that Tien needs their help because he went to the sex club again.

As they talk, Sangjaan drops by asking to see Doctor Climax. Things escalate quickly, and the security guards kick him out. Sangjaan pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot himself. Nat jumps in to save him, and the gun goes off two times. 

Sangjaan gets control again and brings the gun to his head again. This time, Linda asks him to hold on and fight back. She says that the problem is the people’s ignorance and he has to be strong enough to prove them wrong. Her words touch Sangjaan, and he drops the gun and starts crying.

Suddenly, people start kicking and beating him nonstop while cursing. Linda tries to protect Sangjaan. It starts to rain, and by the time Linda gets the crowd to stop, they realise that Permpol was accidentally shot during the interaction.

The Episode Review 

This is the most emotional episode of the show. Sanngjaan’s story is a tearjerker as we think about how brave he was to come out in that era, the trials and tribulations he felt, and how a society that let him down drove him to the brink. Sangjaan simply wanted to live his truth, which meant signing his death certificate at the time. Thankfully, times have changed, and now same-sex is legalised in Thailand.  

This episode showed us Linda in a new light. We have always known she is fearless, but she is not as cold as we thought. She is brave and willing to stand up for what’s right, no matter the cost. So is Permpol; I hope he makes it because he is certainly one of our beloved characters in the show. 

With things getting intense, Nat will need to rethink his approach to the column since Pornchai and Captain Pao will use this latest incident as an excuse to support their wild manhunt. With two episodes left, will Nat and the Bangkok Express survive? Most importantly, is there hope for Tukta and Nat? Do we even want them to reconcile? No one is happy in that marriage; they both feel trapped, so what happens next?

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