Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Doctor Climax starts with Tukta and Nat driving home, but they can barely look at each other let alone make conversation. Nat’s mom senses trouble in paradise as soon as the couple arrives. The next day, Nat goes back to the office at the newspaper. He is conflicted and doesn’t know what he should say to Linda.

On the other hand, Linda is angry that Nat lied to her and he quickly apologises, but it doesn’t sway her anger. She is more pissed when he uses her words about being a free spirit to excuse his behaviour. She slaps him before walking away. 

On the other hand, Tien is having trouble getting an erection. No matter what he tries, he can’t get it up. However, a solution comes in the form of one of Doctor Climax’s letters. A young widow writes to the doctor, narrating how she and her late husband had a high libido. In her letter, she talks about a time when her husband had erectile dysfunction, and they visited a secret club that ‘fixed’ him.

With her husband dead, she is looking for a man who has a high libido and matches her stamina. Tien gets interested after reading the letter, determined to find out about the secret club that can cure him. He later takes the woman’s contact from the letter and asks Permpol to keep it a secret.

At Nat’s home, Tukta finally discovers Linda’s pants, and she starts to piece more pieces together. She feels hurt by Nat’s betrayal and contemplates what to do next. She reads one of Doctor Climax’s columns about a woman who decided to have an affair to punish her husband for cheating first.

She is more enraged after reading the doctor’s response that cheating back is not the solution because men and women are different. However, this doesn’t stop Tukta from entering her villain era. She decides to go to her school reunion and is excited that her former high school boyfriend asked about her.

At Pornchai’s house, things get tense as his wife calls him a one-minute man after sex and opts to use a vibrator to satisfy herself. Pornchai tries to slut shame her, but she ignores him. She ridicules him for being a self-righteous man who doesn’t understand how to pleasure her.  

As things get overwhelming for Nat, he goes drinking with Tien and tells him about how his marriage is failing. Tien advises him to get over Linda, but that might be too late. Tien reminds him that he needs to fix his problems.

However, Nat is not sure he can do it. He finds being Doctor Climax easier than being Nat. As they drink, they stumble, and the private investigator takes candid pictures of them. At the same time, Nat sees the letter in Tien’s pocket and takes it. 

In the meantime, Linda finds out that Permpol has been crashing at the office since his pay was halved. She offers to take him drinking, and she gets drunk. Permpol ends up taking her home, and they have a moment. However, Linda starts crying, and Permpol pulls back. 

The following day, Nat’s mom gets an update from the private investigator, and she fears that her son is gay and Tien is his lover. She asks the PI to continue looking into it but never shows up at the house again. She suggests he call ahead, and they plan where to meet. 

At the office, Choo worries since Permpol is not his usual bubbly self, and Linda calls to ask for a leave. She tells Choo that she wants to rest and visit her hometown. Linda’s mom is surprised to see her daughter, but she lies she came to pay her respects to her dad. Even though Linda’s mom tries to pry for the truth, Linda refuses to open up.

She spends most of her days sad and deep in thought. During the tribute ceremony, we learn that Linda’s mom was raped. However, the man’s wife blames her and insists she lured her husband. She also hates Linda since she is a living reindeer of what her husband did.  

At the school reunion, Tukta meets with her ex, but nothing happens. They only talk about the what-ifs. She heads over to a bar and runs into a random man. One thing leads to another, and they end up in a motel; the man is no Nat, and he introduces Tukta to a different sensational sex that blows her mind.

While Tukta is getting some, Nat talks to Tien and offers to help, but the latter turns it down. Nat opens up and admits he has feelings for Linda, and Tien warns him that the affair will make him lose everything. Nat confesses that he has been giving Tukta family planning pills because he doesn’t want kids with her. He says he feels trapped and prefers the man he is with, Linda.

He tries tracking Linda down to apologise and visits her favourite club. Her friends tell her that they last saw Linda with Permpol, and Nat gets jealous. He confronts Permpol, and the young man gives him a piece of his mind. He calls Nat out for cheating on his wife and hurting Linda.

After contacting the woman in the letter, Tien meets with her, and she introduces him to a sex club. Pornchai follows Tien since he thinks he is Doctor Climax, but he is kicked out by the bouncers at the door. Simultaneously, the PI takes photos of Pornchai being kicked out and Tien meeting with Plern. The episode ends with Tukta quietly sneaking back, but Nat’s mom sees her.

The Episode Review

It is wrong to cheat but  Tukta deserved a good time. Her husband has been so unfair to her, and she finally gets to experience what sex should be like. Besides, Nat is not in love with her and has been secretly giving her family planning pills. He saw how hurt and broken she felt when she learned she was not pregnant, but he continued to do it. He is a selfish man, and he doesn’t deserve Tukta or Linda.

Speaking of Linda, we finally understand why she is feeling so hurt over what went down. She thought Nat was different and felt guilty for unknowingly playing the role of a mistress to him. After what happened to her mom, Linda must have been wary of men and never wanted to be blamed for ruining a family.

What happened between her and Nat felt special until her eyes were opened to the kind of man he was. Tien and Plern look like a good match, and we can’t wait to see how the sex club will cure his erectile dysfunction. Can he be the man that Plern is looking to have in her life? 

Lastly, we need to talk about Permpol and his emotional maturity. He is young but knows better than most adults surrounding him. He protected Linda and continues to care about her well-being even though she hurt him. Let’s hope he will find his smile again; we miss his bubbly personality,

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