Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Doctor Climax starts with Choo and Tien wondering how far they can take the column with Pornchai and Captain Pao circling, braying for their blood. Linda walks in and informs them that the police have already met Nat.

Meanwhile, Tukta can’t stop thinking about the letter she found in Nat’s office. She continues being a good, diligent wife but watches Nat carefully. Nat’s mother doesn’t help the situation with her constant intervention. Tukta believes that Nat wrote the letter to Doctor Climax because he is bored with her.

She starts apologising to her mother-in-law for letting her down. Nat’s mom quickly calls his office and asks if there is a problem. The nosy receptionist tells her about the police barging in looking for Doctor Climax and  Nat’s meeting with Tien. Nat’s mom jumps to conclusions, and she hires a private investigator to spy on her son.

On the other hand, Permpol, Linda, Tien, Choo and Nat have a clandestine meeting in a van to talk about the tracker and plan their next move. After reading the letter that came with the tracker, Nat puts the pieces together and realises Captain Pai is the man with the red pant fetish charting on his wife.

In his next column, he subtly calls out Captain Pao, giving him a warning to back off. Pornchai meets with the Captain and is surprised when the officer says he has no time for a trivial case. He suggests Pornchai writes a letter to Doctor Climax but backs down when the MP threatens him. To satiate Pornchai’s thirst for a good lead. He points to Tien, saying that only Tien is capable of writing like that. 

A few days later, Tien drops the letters to Nat and informs him that his response to Captain Pao worked. Nat is free to work at the office again, but Tien asks him to dial it back. Unbeknownst to them, the PI takes pictures of them looking close and hugging. At the Art department, Linda cannot stop thinking about Nat and is slowly falling for him. She is excited that he will be back in the office soon but plays it low-key.

Upon returning to the office, Nat gets a letter from a woman worried that she is bored in bed and her husband is seeing another woman. The wife wants help to prevent her husband from having an affair. Nat responds that the woman is not at fault and should try changing things in the bedroom by learning what her husband likes and surprising him.

Nat reads the letter in the background as scenes of him and Linda having passionate sex in the office play. This time, Permpol sees them, but more importantly, he also coincidentally finds out Nat is married. 

As days pass, Nat’s mom meets with the PI and is more bothered by the pictures of Nat hugging Tien. She asks the PI to find out more and report to her immediately. Tien remains unaware that Pornchai and the PI are following him. He is more concerned about a different problem. You see, he is having trouble getting an erection, and it is affecting his confidence.

After reading Doctor Climax’s response, Tukta updates her style hoping Nat would like it. However, Nat doesn’t even notice and refuses to eat the dinner that Tukta cooked for him. Tukta decided to up her game and buy some lingerie. She coincidentally meets with Linda, and she helps her get a red lingerie. Neither of the ladies knows that they are sleeping with the same man.

The next night, Tukta wears the lingerie for Nat, but he asks why she has changed. He says the lingerie is unlike her, and he doesn’t want her to change for him even though she is willing. Tukta confronts him, admitting he feels distant and that she has been trying hard to get his attention. She starts to cry, and he assures her there is nothing wrong; he likes her just as she is.

The following day at the office, Nat tries to pull away from Linda, and she asks him what is wrong. However, Nat refuses to speak up and runs away. Linda chases him out and Nat says he has a problem but has no one to help him. Linda disagrees and asks what they are. As they talk, Tukta arrives at the newspaper office but doesn’t see Nat and Linda talking. Permpol quickly recognises and distracts her. Tukta gives Permpol a letter and asks to meet Doctor Climax.

In the meantime, Nat walks out and goes to his car. Permpol gives him the letter but never says it is from Tukta. He only says it is from a fan who needs urgent help. It turns out that the woman who wrote the letter about her concern that her husband is cheating because of a dull sex life was Tukta. In her second letter, she reveals that the first advice didn’t work. He quickly realises who the letter is from and confronts Tukta. 

Tukta explains about finding a letter in his office and assuming Nat was writing to Doctor Climax. Nat angrily shouts that the letter was not from him. Tukta sincerely begs him not to have an affair and promises to do better. Nat tells her there is no need to change herself. For the next few days, Nat works from the clinic to avoid Linda. She calls him and he denies avoiding her.

To settle things, Linda decides to drop by the clinic. As they talk, Tukta arrives to bring some food to her husband. Nat is forced to officially introduce the two ladies, and Linda is dumbfounded when Nat stammers and then introduces Tukta as his wife. Of course, Tukta also realises that Linda is more than just an assistant to Nat.

The Episode Review

The cat is out of the bag, and Nat is about to face the consequences of his actions. It is hard to overlook how selfish he has been. He intentionally hurt and tricked Tukta while leading Linda on, and he deserves what is coming. Linda and Tukta are the collateral damage of his selfish and cowardly actions.

The main question is, what will these ladies do next after finding out the truth? On the other hand, Tien needs to be careful as he is being secretly watched. Pornchai thinks he is Doctor Climax, while Nat’s mom thinks he is her son’s secret gay lover. 

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