Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Doctor Climax starts with a 40-year-old sex worker writing to Doctor Climax about one of her clients. The man seems to have a fetish for her body odour and loves wearing her red pants on his face when they have sex. He even bought it, and the woman is wondering whether there is something wrong with her since the client keeps coming back.  

Meanwhile, at the clinic,  Nat informs one of his regular clients that she has gonorrhoea. She is the lady we met in the first episode who had a yeast infection. Nat explains that the STD is treatable and advises the woman to refrain from sex in the meantime. The woman holds her anger in as Nat gives her an injection.

Elsewhere, the big boss confronts Choo for posting a picture of the female genitalia. Choo points out that the post allowed them to defeat  Sian Bulletin for the first time. He takes accountability and offers to resign. After the confrontation, Choo punishes Permpol by cutting his salary in half. However, Permpol is happy when Linda calls him a hero for saving the column. 

At the clinic, Tukta visits Nat after closing time and informs him that she missed her period. She shyly smiles as she explains she missed a day of the “vitamins’ he gave her. Unfortunately for Tukta, it turns out she is not pregnant. Given Tukta’s impromptu visit, Nat ends up late for his meeting with Linda at the newspaper’s office. Out of guilt, Nat decides to change his schedule so he won’t be home late in the evening. 

On the other hand, Pornchai publicly agonises the new police chief on air, asking what he is doing about Doctor Climax and Bangkok Express. This causes quite a stir, and the chief assigns a police captain to help Pornchai uncover Doctor Climax’s identity.

Captain Pao doesn’t care much about Doctor Climax, but Pornchai insists that society is losing its way thanks to Bangkok Express. Does he not read Sian Bulletin? Captain Pao asks for one month and assures Pornchai he will deliver Doctor Climax to him.

The next day, Nat informs Linda that he will be working for the newspaper in the morning hours. He is surprised to see that she does early mornings as well. She asks him why he is ignoring a letter from a gay man. Nat says the country is not ready to handle such a thing. She pesters him, saying he is the one not ready to admit he is gay.

This time, he asks her why she is so confident he is gay and won’t admit he is straight. He asks if she is in denial because she wants him, and he dares her to admit she wants him. They start making out and having wild sex in the office. After that, they agree that they are casual sex buddies and confirm that Linda can’t get pregnant as she has an IUD. Permpol arrives soon after and starts getting suspicious of the two.

Later that night, Nat changes a few things up while having sex with his wife, which surprises her, But what shocks Tukta even more is the fact that he makes the mistake of calling her Linda. He quickly salvages the situation and continues. However, what had us picking our jaws from the floor was the fact that Nat’s mom was listening to the couple on the other side of the door. Creepy much! Tukta later asks what brought on the change, and Nat says nothing has changed. 

The following morning, Nat and Linda get all hot and heavy after reading the sex worker’s letter. However, after their body tango, Linda is offended when she compliments  Nat’s skills, and he questions if she is lying to boost his ego.

He says he knows she has been around, and Linda disappointedly says that not all rumours are true. Nat then adds that the sex with Linda is special to him and asks if she feels the same. She kisses him, and they end up going for another round. 

On the way out, Nat runs into Tien and he immediately notes something is off with the doctor. The moment Tien brings up Linda, Nat gets defensive, and Tien warns him not to cause any problems. At this point, Nat can no longer deny he is falling for Linda even as he lies next to his committed wife. Unfortunately for this cheater, he forgot that he had taken Linda’s red pants and stuffed them in his pants. It is only a matter of time till he gets caught. 

A few days later, Captain Pao sends a spy to try and sniff out Doctor Climax at the Bangkok Express. Permpol is quick to recognise the new mailman as a cop and flashes him out after getting him to pay for the secret. Captain Pao is disappointed to learn that his man failed. After this incident, Choo changes things up and asks Tien to take over.

Tien insists on helping Nat to select the letters as well. They decide Nat shouldn’t report to the office anymore. During this meeting, it is clear that Tien is trying to keep Linda and Nat from interacting again. 

In the meantime, another bombshell is dropped. Captain Pao is the man with the fetish. He is also sleeping with the sex worker on a regular basis. He writes a letter to Doctor Climax detailing his fetish. He wants Doctor Climax to help him convince his wife to indulge in his fantasies. He puts a tracker in the letter and mails it. His team waits outside the newspaper headquarters. 

Unknowingly, Tien and Permpol get ready to take the letters to Nat, but Linda overhears the Captain and his men when heading home. She does her best to distract the police once they start following Tien.

Coincidentally, Permpol senses something in one of the letters and decides to take it out of the box to read it later. As  Linda distracts the cop, they lose track of Tien’s car but end up around Nat’s clinic. Tien explains that  Nat is not to go to the newspaper’s office again and he will bring the letters to him.

After Tien leaves, the police barge into Nat’s office, demanding the truth. In a funny twist of fate, Captain Pao rudely interrupts Nat while he is treating his wife. Captain Pao is surprised to see his wife. She feels embarrassed and slaps him, blaming him for the  STI. She confronts him about sleeping around and wearing a dirty pant during sex.

She even brings up the big hairy mole on his hand. Out of embarrassment, Captain Pao and his men walk away. Linda watches from afar, relieved they didn’t arrest Nat. At the same time, Tien finds the letter Permpol hid. He opens it to investigate and finds the tracker. He immediately stops the car and breaks the tracker. 

At Nat’s home, the house manager mistakes Linda’s pants for Tukta’s and washes them. Tukta innocently visits Nat after the chaos and invites him to dinner. While Nat freshens up, she spots a letter under his desk and reads it.

The letter is asking to help a man in a marriage who finds his wife boring in bed. Tukta starts to worry if she is in the same position as the wife of the man in the letter. Nonetheless, she hides the letter and doesn’t tell Nat that she found out about his “ research project.”

The Episode Review

Tien should have advised Linda to ask Nat for the truth. She confronted him about his new attitude towards her. She should know better and question why Tien is against her seeing Nat. At the same time, things are getting interesting as we wait for Tukta and Linda to find out the truth about the man in their lives.

Tukta must be questioning why Nat has a letter for Doctor Climax, but since she is a dedicated wife, she will probably keep his secret and never ask him about it.

It was also fun to learn that Captain Pao is the man with the fetish. It is not wrong to have a fetish, but only if it doesn’t hurt other people. He infected his wife with an STI and hurt her by cheating. How will he handle the case now that Nat is about to find out about his extracurricular activities? Let’s dive into the next episode to find out more!

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