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Episode 2 of Doctor Climax starts with a boy, Don, suffering from hyper-erection every time. This has made it hard for him to concentrate in school, and he feels ashamed when he ejaculates in front of the class during a sex education class. Finding it too much to take, he writes a letter to Doctor Climax asking how he can control his erections.

Meanwhile, Tien, Linda, Choo and Permpol wonder if they made the right decision after seeing the letters trickle in. Nat arrives and confronts Linda for using a pen name for his column without his permission. However, Linda insists it was the right decision. Soon, Nat realises that Linda is right since he can keep his identity a secret, especially since the column is gaining traction among the readers.

There is also the issue with Pornchai, who held a press conference calling the Bangkok Express to reveal the doctor’s identity. He heavily condemns the newspaper and demands it stop the column immediately. He is not the only one with reservations; the big boss also demands Choo stop the column. However, Choo convinces him to let the column run for one month as the sales are doing well and they might defeat Sian Bulletin.

With the big boss’ blessing, Choo and Tien agree not to tell Nat about the deal. They also agree to find a way to deliver the letters to Nat and keep his identity a secret since Pornchai is circling them like a shark. Permpol offers to deliver the letters. Linda is also game and offers to deliver the first batch of letters. 

After the clinic closes, Linda drops by and apologises to Nat, and he admits she was right for changing the name. She encourages him and congratulates him for getting a huge response. They decide he should secretly work at the publishing house moving forward.

To thank her for her help, Nat agrees to give Linda a pelvic examination. He gives her a clean health bill and she thanks him. During the consultation, Nat gets a boner and tries to hide it. Meanwhile, Linda subtly flirts with him by asking him to grade her vagina.

Days go by, and Bangkok Express make the column a daily feature. Pornchai decides enough is enough and makes an impromptu visit to the newspaper headquarters, demanding to talk to Doctor Climax. Thankfully, Permpol quickly locks Nat in the records office.

While there, Nat finds Linda, and they come dangerously close to kissing as they hide and flirt in the small space. Tien and Choo manage to threaten Pornchai to leave as he is trespassing. The  MP leaves disappointed but still motivated to get Doctor Climax. 

After the incident with Pornchai, Choo moves Nat to the art department under Linda’s care. Permpol is tasked with dropping the letter daily, and everyone is asked to remain on high alert. By no time, the team gets into a good routine and Nat adjusts to his new schedule at the clinic and newspaper.

At the same time, Linda continues to flirt with Nat, making it hard for him to deny his attraction to her. The more they work together, the more they get close.

Finally, Doctor Climax gets Don’s letter and gives him a response on how he should control his ejaculation and be proud of his big penis. After a few trials, Don is able to master the art of it and is so happy. He resumes a normal life and even gets a date with the girl he likes. 

As the column gains more interest, Nat suggests they print a picture of the female sex organ and ask Linda to draw it. However, Choo and Tien worry the diagram might be too much, and society is not ready. 

One night, after a long day at the office, Nat goes clubbing with Linda and her friends. Linda tells all her friends that Nat is gay. Linda and the girls get too drunk, and he escorts them to her house. While helping Linda to bed, they have another close call, but he pulls away and heads home. Nat gets home, ignores his wife and chooses to masturbate in the bathroom. Phukta hears him but ignores what he is doing. 

The next morning, Sian Bulletin publishes a bare-all interview with a famous sex worker. Their sales skyrocket, and Bangkok Express struggles to catch up. Choo and Tien fear it is all over, and Sian wins. This, in turn, means that they have to cancel Nat’s column. On the other hand, Nat is more concerned about why Linda thinks he is gay.

He asks her about it while they are working. She mentions the birth control pills she saw him buying. She thinks Nat is in transition, but before he can clarify, Permpol walks in and drops the bombshell about the column being cancelled. Nat immediately leaves, and Linda quickly does the same.

In a lucky twist, Don turns out to be the big boss’s son. After Don explains how Doctor Climax’s column saved him, his father reconsiders and gives Choo a green light to keep it going. Linda is tasked with giving Nat the good news. She drops by his clinic and leaves the letters at his door, explaining the column has been saved. Nat also gets a letter from Don thanking him for his help/ 

The episode ends with Choo getting a copy of the latest edition and finding out that Permpol went rogue and published the picture of a woman’s genitalia. Pornchai’s wife breaks the news to her husband, and his blood boils. He decides to find someone scary to deal with Bangkok Express.

The Episode Review 

It can be a little awkward to watch this show, given its raw approach to sex, but we have to commend the writers and actors. It must have been challenging to work on the show, but they had quite a good laugh filming some scenes. 

The more we get to know Nat, the more he feels trapped in his life. Sadly, the person who suffers most in this marriage is Tukta. She is naively ignoring what her husband is doing because she wants to be a good wife. She never asks for more but takes the little that is given to her. Once she opens her eyes to the real situation in her marriage, Nat will have another thing coming. 

It is interesting that Linda assumed Nat was gay but still flirted with him. Linda is quite an intriguing character. There are so many layers to her, and we hope to uncover all of them by the time the show ends.

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