Doctor Climax – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Doctor Climax starts with a young lady writing a question to her gynaecologist. She is too shy to ask him in person and thinks a letter is her next best option. The young lady is scared she is hurting herself while masturbating as she is not doing it right. 

The scene cuts to  Doctor Nat examining a patient and informing them that they have a yeast infection. Doctor Nat is the gynaecologist that the young lady was writing to. This time, his patient is a middle-aged young woman, and she asks him about some family planning pills. Doctor Nat explains his clinic doesn’t sell those and advises her on where to get them.

However, the woman says she can’t buy them herself as everyone will know she is having sex. The doctor is surprised and tells her that there is no need to feel embarrassed about being an adult having sex.

At Doctor Nat’s clinic reception, we meet Tien, who is reading the doctor’s manual for a novel. Out of nowhere, the teenage girl approaches the doctor and hands him her letter. She then quietly runs away. Doctor Nat and Tien head out to the bar to talk about the manuscript Tien feels the manuscript is too bland.

He feels touched that his work inspired the doctor and offers to bring the manuscript to his editor. He is also shocked that Nat wants to be a novelist when he has the “best job” in the world. He is the son of a famous surgeon and has a good wife at home. The doctor explains he is only living according to his family’s expectations and he wants to break out of his comfort zone.

Tien is also curious about the letter the tongue girl gave the doctor. He wonders if the doctor is having an affair with the teenager and got her pregnant. Nat shows him the letter and shares that he never understands why people are too shy to ask him these questions personally. 

Elsewhere, Choo, the chief editor at Bangkok Express, meets with his boss to discuss newspaper sales. The boss wants Choo to do better than their competitor, The Sian Bulletin. However, Choo thinks it will be impossible as the Sian Bulletin covers a lot of risque content. He also feels the Sian Bulletin has no journalistic etic and doesn’t want to stoop to their level. Nonetheless, he promises to do his best. 

The next day, he calls for a staff meeting and discusses their sales. They agree they need something new to capture the readers. One of the staff, Linda, suggests they find something new and different. However, Tien insists they need to sell sex. After a short debate, Tien shows the team the letter the teenage girl gave the doctor. He suggests they create a column for the doctor. 

Later that night, Linda unknowingly runs into Doctor Nat at the pharmacy when he is buying some family planning pills. Linda is unlike other people he has met as she quickly helps a young boy buy condoms. She also gets some for herself. In her first casual conversation with the doctor, she says she randomly points out how women should choose which condoms they want their partners to use.

Nat heads home, where he lives with his wife and mom. He notices that his wife, Tukta, has a new hairstyle, and she is glad he noticed. She is going to a party the following day, and his mom wants him to join them. She is not pleased that Nat is late for dinner. She is even more displeased when Nat says he doesn’t want to go to the party of like the oysters they’re having for dinner.

She insists that Nat must eat oysters for virility and attend the party for their social standing since the dad is no longer around. After dinner, Nat and Tukta have boring, perfunctory sex while Nat thinks about Linda. He ends up masturbating later on while still thinking about her. 

The following night, Nat attends the party and meets the local Member of Parliament, Pornchai. Pornchai has made a career by trying to be tough on indecency. Pornchai asks about Nat’s dad, unknowingly touching a nerve. Nat puts him down a peg by clarifying how Pornchai is not a real doctor since he only got an honorary doctorate.

He also doesn’t act impressed when Puchai talks about how he reported a celebrity for dressing too indecently. Thankfully, his mom saves the day before things get out of hand. Pornchai invites her for some tea at his house with his wife. Before leaving, Pornchai congratulates Nat, saying he is a good example for society. 

The next day, the teenage girl returns for her checkup, and Nat tells her that everyone masturbates. He is about to explain more when he gets a call from Tien asking him to come by the publishing house immediately. Nat apologises and leaves, promising to be back shortly. He is excited, thinking Choo agreed to be his editor. 

His excitement is short-lived when he learns that they want to use his expertise to start a column where he answers questions about sex. He refuses, saying he wants to write novels, and Choo promises to make it happen if the column is a success. Nat is about to walk out when Linda arrives and challenges him.

She dares him to try, saying he probably wouldn’t know how to answer the questions well. Nat’s ego gets the best of him, and he is flustered as he explains how he would run the column. Without knowing it, Linda manipulates him into agreeing to be the new columnist. 

Nat heads back to his office and tries to answer the letter in a friendly yet approachable manner. Linda’s words echo in his head, inspiring him to write an amazingly educative yet friendly response. In his response, he tells the young teenage girl that it is normal and goes into detail on how to do it right so she doesn’t hurt herself.  

The following day, the staff at the newspaper call Nat and try to settle on a new name for the column. They decide to call it the Climax question. However, Linda changes it to Dr Climax without Nat’s permission. The next day, the newspaper ran the letter and Nat’s response.

It goes without saying that the column is an instant success. Choo even has to make more prints and is impressed with the sales. However, his boss calls as he is not happy with Choo’s direction.

He calls for an emergency meeting, but Nat is nowhere to be found, as he is on vacation with his family. His mom can’t stop yapping about how she specifically chose Tukta to be her daughter-in-law and give her grandchildren. She urges Nat to quickly get his wife pregnant, but the latter is afraid she must have other motives. 

While Nat busks at the beach, the newspaper staff try to find a solution to their crisis. By the time Nat gets back, he is unaware that the first column has been published. He only finds out when the young girl visits and thanks him for answering her letter.

She adds that she finally knows how to masturbate. He checks the newspaper and sees the column’s name has been changed. He gets a call from Tien asking him to come to the publishing house as something big has happened. 

The episode ends with Pornchai reading the newspaper and finding the column. If the veins popping on his forehead are anything to go by, he is not impressed at all.

The Episode Review

We are only one episode in, and we know that we are in for a good show. The show approaches sex in a fresh, educative way while giving the topic depth through the characters. Doctor Nat is right; sex is a natural thing, and we don’t have to feel ashamed to talk about it or ask questions when needed.

By helping the young girl learn how to masturbate properly, she was able to discover more and not hurt herself. His column will help many, but will Pornchai sit by and let Bangkok Express run such a column?

On the other hand, Nat, as a husband and son, is fascinating to watch. He and Tukta have a strange relationship with no real connection. Nat’s mom is the glue that is keeping this marriage going. Nat needs to face some of his demons and be honest with his mom and wife. He is secretly giving his wife family planning pills when he knows she is actively trying to get pregnant.

He also seems to have a crush on Linda, which will bring him trouble sooner or later. Also, why is his mom so weird? She is too focused on the couple; she needs a life of her own. Where is her husband, and what is the big secret about Nat’s dad?


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