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Credit Loans & Dream Chasers

Doctor Cha episode 7 picks up at the end of last week’s shocker. Roy Kim catches Jeong-suk while she’s falling with big news. Just before he gets a chance to say something, her mother-in-law, Ae-sim, shows up and starts questioning Kim’s intentions and why he’s touching Jeong-suk. He claims he lives nearby and they just ran into each other, and hurriedly leaves.

When Jeong-suk and Ae-sim head home, they find I-rang on the floor, forced onto her knees with all her art stuff spread across the ground. Jeong-suk apologies for not telling In-ho abotu the art college but he’s livid, believing this is just “junk”. In fact, he decides to grab a trash bag and throw all her stuff away.

Jeong-suk tries to stop him but I-rang is traumatized and watches this scene play out, powerless. In-ho weaponizes Jeong-suk’s career and believes she should sacrifice that in order for her to go to art school. Well, Jeong-suk has had enough and decides that she’s going to be the breadwinner now, and help do everything she can to make I-rang’s dream come true. She fetches all the art supplies and fixes everything back up again.

Next, Jeong-suk confronts In-jo about Seung-hi and her daughter. Specifically, about Eun-seo’s ties with I-rang and how the bracelet plays into everything. He has no answer and simply shrugs it off, listening to his classical music again. As for Jeong-suk, she speaks to I-rang, who points out how fruitless this all is. It costs around 30 million won a month to send I-rang over to college and she doesn’t earn enough from work.

Jeong-suk tries to make up the deficit by selling some of her gear to fund it, including jewelry and fancy gear. Ae-sim is certainly not going to help. She concedes and tries to talk sense into In-ho but he claims that “dreams are not meant to be achieved”, believing her career lies with medicine.

It seems there’s no help from Seung-hi either, who continues to hound Jeong-sik at work. When the latter asks about her bracelet, Seung-hi claims that her husband bought it for her. Speaking of gifts, Ae-sim receives a surprise visit from Jeong-suk’s mum, who drops off a bunch of food and drink for her while she’s kept at the hospital, believing in good karma.

Roy Kim decides to take on Jeong-suk’s shift that night, but he passes Ae-sim who sows seeds of doubt in In-ho’s mind about the nature of Jeong-suk and Roy’s relationship, believing there could be more going on. However, this is nothing compared to the bombshell news Jeong-suk finds out. She realizes she can take out an overdraft account with the bank and immediately heads down to try and open one.

However, the cashier points out she already has a loan, that being against a building in her name in Gyeonggi-do. This is a large cafe building, which Ae-sim has been keeping secret about all this time.

Jeong-suk manages to get her credit loan though and pay for the academy. When she heads to work though, she notices Dr Jeon bossing about Jung-min again and decides to take his place and visit the room. She notices the place is a complete mess and goes out of her way to try and clean it up. Not only that, she also finds evidence of Jung-min having been there too!

Jeong-suk begins to spiral, believing that Jung-min can’t be with someone so bossy, and she works extra hard to try and suss out what’s really going on… but she already knows and figures out what’s happening.

Elsewhere, In-ho speaks to Seung-hi and points out that Roy knows about their affair. In turn, Seung-hi speaks to Roy and tells him she has no intention of breaking up with him and hints at Roy breaking up the family. Roy is disappointed in her conniving ways and leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, press show up to see In-ho at work, and after some “jokes” about his hurried bedside manner, he’s watched while they do surgery too. In-ho hurts his arm, something exacerbating by the problem facing him several episodes back. His part in this tale is one of disappointment, but Roy Kim on the other hand, is the epitome of cool. He’s followed around by cameramen, who point out how likable he is. And honestly, seeing In-ho like this is just a whole ‘nother level of satisfaction!

Hwang, the Crohns patient we’ve been seeing across the episode, learns that his surgery wasn’t as successful as he thought. As a result, Jeong-suk speaks to him but it’s clear he’s severely depressed and even talks about suicide too. This is, of course, a major red flag so she speaks to Dr Jeon about it. Apparently more than half of Crohn’s Patients suffer from this and Jeon is well aware, shrugging it off as a side effect she’s monitoring.

Things get worse though when Hwang’s parents-in-law show up and reprimand him. They believe that he hoodwinked their daughter into marrying and kept the genetic disease from them. They plead with Hwang to break up with his girlfriend and not let their kids potentially inherit this. This pushes Hwang over the edge and he heads up to the rooftop, leaving a note behind for his partner, telling her he sees nothing but an endless tunnel.

Both Roy Kim and In-ho race up to the rooftop, trying to convince them in their panicked state to leave. However, it pushes him over the edge and he tries to jump. Thankfully, the pair of them land on the crashmat below, leaving In-ho and Roy’s panic to quickly subside, lending to the pair of them embracing in relief. The pair race downstairs, where In-ho tries to comfort his wife but it’s Roy who jumps in there first and hugs her, right infront of everyone!

The Episode Review

Another episode of Doctor Cha comes and goes, and this medical drama continues to delight with a great blend of comedy and drama. The subplot involving Dr Jeon and Jung-min is really starting to come into its own now and I reckon Jeon is going to act super sweet and be really caring toward Jung-min and Jeong-suk too when everything comes to light.

We’ve already seen glimmers of that with Jeon hugging her boyfriend and the pair almost kissing at work, but once Jeong-suk is aware of it all, it should make for a really interesting dynamic.

Jeong-suk is getting close to figuring out the truth about her husband too and the inclusion of Roy Kim into the story is developing in a really intriguing way. Given everyone who’s outside, it’s clear that the other doctors are going to believe Jeong-suk and Roy are an item, while In-ho’s jealousy is likely to get the better of him.

Seung-hi is just petty at this point and honestly, she has a loving daughter and a great job. I don’t know what she sees in In-ho but she’d do well just to ditch him completely.

Ultimately, everything is poised nicely for tomorrow’s follow-up which seems like we’re inching ever-closer to Jeong-suk finding out the truth.

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