Divorce Attorney Shin – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Divorce Attorney Shin starts with Choi Jun’s big confession about being the one to spread the piano video of Sung-han. In fact, our special lawyer beats Choi Jun down, choking him out, getting him in a leghold and using his cane to choke him out.

Hyeong-geun serves as the mediator, deciding that in exchange for the video being taken down, they should hire Choi Jun. Given he has a lot of employees but no other attorneys, Hyeong-geun points out that this is a good move for growing their business. Not only that, but he has settings installed that prevent the video from being shared once it’s deleted. Choi Jun hits the delete button and the video is gone.

Choi Jun meets the other employees, including Seo-jin whom he comments is super pretty. She’s not particularly enthused to see him but learns that she’s now going to bw working as an intake coordinator, meaning she’s to sit in and watch over Sung-han or Choi Jun’s cases.

The latest happens to be a couple who want Sung-han to prove that Ji-suk and her partner are having an affair so that he can get a divorce. His wife is actually aware of this but even with all of this in mind, Sung-han doubts that they’ll get favourable terms if he takes the case on.

The guy has liver cancer and the only way to get a donor is if he marries Ji-suk and then she can donate her liver to him. His wife would rather be widowed than divorced. Even worse, his wife is seemingly bleeding him dry, using his pension money to buy herself a new car and wanting more money to pay for their child’s tuition.

Sung-han is in a good mood, and understandably so given he gets to see his nephew. He only gets to see Gi-yeong until 9pm that evening but Sung-han makes the most of it and they spend the entire day playing the Wii, eating snacks and havinh a great time. Sung-han hugs Gi-yeong tightly that night when they part ways. The reason for his hasty absence is because his paternal grandmother is flying in that evening and everyone in the house is on edge.

The next day at work, Jeong-Sik shows up and hands over a bouquet of flowers for Seo-jin. She’s pretty shell-shocked about it and doesn’t know where to put it. Instead, she heads over to the Noodle shop, where Kim So-yeon takes the flowers from her. She curses whoever sent her the flowers which, of course, was Jeong-sik.

Sung-han calls Jeong-sik out for this and Hyeong-geun follows it up by revealing that Seo-jin needs to keep a job and given how emotionally unstable she is right now, she doesn’t want to be reminded of her past.

Sung-han speaks to Seo-jin and manages to talk her around, as the pair then chat about the Ji-suk case and whether he’s going to take it on. When she leaves, we cut to Choi Jun, who returns to his old boss, Park Yu-seok, and thanks him for helping the transition smoothly into Sung-han’s firm.

The thing is, the resentful man is not done with Choi Jun and he likens him to a cotton swab he can bend and manipulate to his will. Specifically, he brings up how Jun was his spy and news of this could break to Sung-han if he wants, destroying his career.

Shell-shocked, Choi Jun heads out and sits on a bench but Hyeong-geun notices him. The pair decide to go out for a drink together, where Choi Jun reveals the truth about the spying and working the Ae-ran case against Sung-han. Choi Jun eventually plucks up the courage to speak to his new boss, revealing all.

That night, while Hyeong-geun is at the Noodle shop eating, he receives a call from Ji-eun begging him for help. She’s in pain and needs a doctor, so So-yeon agrees to drive him to hers and then onto the hospital. The reason she doesn’t phone an ambulance is because she felt ashamed.

Thankfully, the baby and Ji-eun are fine, but things are awkward when Ji-eun’s partner arrives. He thanks Sung-han profusely and apologizes, struggling to hold back tears, as Hyeong-geun decides to leave.

Hyeong-geun reconvenes with the boys, who help their friend out, while he drowns his sorrow in alcohol. Sung-han speaks to his friend about Ji-eun and how Hyeong-geun feels toward her while Jeong-sik snaps pictures of his mood. He loves the picture and even has him pose again.

The Ju-sik case from earlier takes an extra turn when Choi Min-sui shows up. This kid is barely 16 and he happens to be the husband’s son. He speaks to Sung-han and offers to give his liver to his dad. In exchange for this, he wants his parents to stop sending him abroad.

Well, it’s enough to swing things in Sung-han’s favour as he realizes the severity of this case and he decides to take it on after all. However, this case is quite literally going to be do or die, especially when he tells the husband he needs to cancel his cancer insurance.

The Episode Review

Divorce Attorney Shin returns this week with the start of a new case and the inkling that this could be one of the harder ones that Sung-han will have to face. The inclusion of Choi Jun into the fold is an interesting take and the balance between comedy and drama works relatively well this time.

The best scenes involve Hyeong-geun trying to get over Ji-eun, as they manage to strike the perfect balance between melodrama and genuine comedy. Seeing Jeong-sik sneak a picture and then Hyeong-geun actually like the picture and pose for more, definitely garnered some chuckles here!

The case is an interesting one for sure and the moral ambiguity of this could well see a case similar to Ae-ran’s, especially as we don’t know too much about the wife right now. I’m sure we’ll find out more tomorrow.

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