Disco Inferno (2023) Movie Review – Netflix short doesn’t tear up the dancefloor

Netflix short doesn’t tear up the dancefloor

Disco Inferno is a slick short horror film, set in the 70’s during disco fever. The story is simple enough, and focuses on two characters called Mel and Brandon. Mel has a big secret she needs to tell her partner, but the fear of it looks set to swallow her whole.

Things are made worse when she begins experiencing frightening hallucinations, which blend in with the earlier prologue of the piece. Could the two be connected somehow?

Disco Inferno isn’t exactly original, and you’ll see the “twist” coming a mile off. However, the short excels with its camera work and use of colour. There are some really slick shots, especially during the middle portion of the film, that helps to heighten the sense of tension. The shots of Mel walking, first down a flight of stairs and then again down a hallway, is a definite highlight.

Similarly, the use of colour here, mixing up the vibrant oranges with the dark and dingy blues, is a nice way of differentiating the two mind-sets Mel is going through, alongside the actual physical issues at play here.

While there aren’t any scary scenes per-se, there is a lot more dread hanging over this one compared to Netflix’s other short released today, Flashback. The themes are pretty good but much like that other short, Disco Inferno just isn’t all that original. 

There’s a single unnerving moment here but don’t go into this expecting any jump scares or outright terror – you definitely won’t find that in this short. Disco Inferno is unlikely to tear up the dancefloor, and despite a few slick moves, struggles to stand out next to so many other horror prospects. 

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