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When Dirty Money dropped back in 2018, it brought with it an eye opening, shocking and emotionally stirring documentary series. Exposing corruption and an unprecedented level of law-breaking for the super-elite, Dirty Money bowed out 2018 with one of the best documentaries of the year. In an already stacked line-up of documentaries in 2020 so far, Dirty Money returns for its second season and six more shocking tales to digest.

Much like last season, each of the episodes stand on their own as individual tales with their own directorial style, although most follow the same sort of criteria. Once again the Trump family hit the spotlight, this time in the form of Jared Kushner and his real estate business, while everything else from Formosa’s environmentally damning plastic plants, guardianship exploitation and Wells Fargo’s big scams are explored across each of the hour-long episodes.

Most of the episodes are fair, packed full of information and well-paced throughout. Each of the different segments begin with a broad overview of the case at hand before jumping back in time and seeing the history and beginning of each issue. From here, face to face interviews and archival footage combine with diagrams, cartoons, expository text and everything in between to form the crux of this series. If you’ve seen the first then this will hold no surprises but it’s the stylistic differences between each episode that keeps things interesting and unique.

Whether it be whizzing past front page news headlines on a black background or an air-pollution diagram that seamlessly blends with an aerial shot of Point Comfort, each of the episodes have a good amount of creativity injected into them to keep you coming back for more. It’s partly why the series works as well as it does and the impartial viewpoint (aside from those episodes where people refused to engage with Netflix’s film crews of course) help give a balanced view-point despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against them.

Your favourite episodes may vary of course but personally the guardian exploitation and Jared Kushner episodes were the highlights of the show, partly due to the amount of knowledge and emotionally stirring accounts that are shown in both. Hearing the elderly men and women losing everything thanks to being exploited through power of attorneys are hard to watch. The moments seeing a man looking over the demolished remains of his childhood home or hearing a desperate mother of 3 losing everything thanks to Kushner’s ruthlessness are particularly moving but these emotionally charged stories crop up right the way through the show.

Once again Dirty Money exposes the corruption, exploitation and outright crooked nature for some of the world’s most powerful players. It’s an eye opening and poignant reminder that money talks and no matter the cost, these men and women will always be above the law. If there’s one documentary series you watch this year – make sure it’s this one.


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  • Verdict - 9/10

8 thoughts on “Dirty Money – Netflix Season 2 Review”

  1. This is happening to my family right now. It’s hard to talk about. It hurts. Heart aching gut wrenching pain. For strangers to come and say that their there to help for a few months. And now it’s years latter. We can’t get rid of them. All for greed. Hitchman Fiduciaries has lied to my family. For many year’s. Lee Ann Hitchman has caused devastating emotional distress. To my family, and many other people’s life’s.This is a toxic evil business . There has been so many stories and complaints on just this one business alone. And nothing has happened. Or changed. Where they are prosecuted in court. I pray to god that one day and hopefully one day soon. That Hitchman Fiduciaries are found guilty. For all their Abuse of Power. *WE NEED CLOSURE* For the people that couldn’t speak. Closure for the elderly and special needs. Closure for all their family’s. We need *Justice* for all the victims of the Hitchman Fiduciaries. And other companies that do this to good people. With family friends. Can you imagine what happens to the people that have no one. Left with these evil people. There in control of you and all your assets. This could happen to any one of us. We have to protect and stand up to stop this. Is their anyone out there that can Help Please.

  2. My personal experience with APS, the enforcement, and prosecutorial branches intended to support, protect and prosecute abusers of the elderly is that they fail to do that miserably. The legislation presumably intended to support the elderly wildly misses that mark. It may be that APS workers TAKE IN complaints, but the more pertinent question is WHAT happens to them after they are reported? Most cases are dismissed without further involvement and the prosecution rate for elder abuse is in the single digits. In most every respect, despite resommended best practices for improving prosecution of abusers, it’s mostly the same ending. Please let’s not pretend this portrayal was fiction.

  3. Jill this is not fictional. It is happening nationwide. Some Judges do not follow the law an allow due process. Read Dr. Sam Sugar’s book Guardianship The Elderly The Perfect Crime. Follow cases on utube from Wayne County, Oakland Count and Macomb County etc. from Michigan by Heather Catello Tv reporter, The Documentary The Guardians from Las Vegas etc. Google elder guardianship abuse. Get educated before it happens to your family or friend. It will you won’t know when until it hits like a ton of bricks and causes legal abuse syndrome!

  4. Guardians inc is truly shocking and an eye opener. I can’t believe the US laws can be so unfair and there are so much corruption. Well I guess money is money and corrupt people are everywhere. And there is no perfect government system. Guardians inc proved just that. Looking at how the law is used to scam elderly people, I am glad I am not living under such a system.

  5. The Guardians Inc. episode raised awareness of guardianship injustices. However, it also promoted Elder Financial Abuse by Undue Influence by supporting the claims made by Laura Martinez, her family and Phil Ross. Shame on the makers of this film for not portraying Mr. Thrash’s reals story. If the agenda was only to raise awareness to guardianship abuses, I guess their job was done. Unfortunately, they also missed their mark as most of the rage is being directed towards the niece.

  6. Hey Jill, you might want to rewatch the episode. There are no accusations against APS in general, they even point out that they evaluated mr. Trash’s case correctly. However, there are crooked judges and attorneys that game the system.

  7. These things happen in real life. It is the perfect example of a system that doesn’t really look at the facts for EACH case. These professionals KNOW BETTER – and they can’t be bothered. And there is no recourse for the theft of their life.

    There are predators in the system and that one woman (granddaughter of an uncle) lied through her teeth. I see right through her. They DO IT and make money. and have the law on their side. This is wrong – the targeted elderly lose all of their rights and assets they’ve worked their entire life for! I don’t know how they sleep at night. Lawyers, doctors, judges. They should know better. I am so mad I’m in a rage.

  8. The Guardian, inc is filled in inaccuracies and misconceptions over what APS and a guardians truly do. This show will give you fears over something that is needed and typically safe. Without these two services more seniors would be abused and exploited by their family and friends so please keep that in mind when watching this fictional program.

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