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The Messy, Messy Divorce

Dirty John is back and with this second season, is a whole array of new characters. Below, we break down the main characters this season and exactly who they are to get you up to scratch before its release on Netflix.

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free too.

Betty Broderick (Amanda Peet)

The star of the show, Betty is the unfortunate housewife who finds her life turned upside down when she becomes divorced and loses everything. As the season progresses, we start to learn more about why she’s wound so tightly.


Betty (Young) (Tiera Skovbye)

During the numerous flashbacks across the season, Tiera Skovbye lends her talents to showcase a young Betty Broderick. Predictably, she becomes romantically involved with Dan. Unfortunately she’s overlooked in favour of his big plans at work, which is where everything starts to unravel.

Daniel Broderick (Christian Slater)

Betty’s lawyer husband (or ex-husband now), Dan may seem like a charming, suave guy on the surface but he hides some pretty big secrets. Across the 8 episodes we see exactly what this man is hiding.

Daniel (Young) (Chris Mason)

Much like Betty, Chris Mason offers up a glimpse of Daniel Broderick in the past. He has big dreams and takes Betty on this whirlwind ride with him.

Linda Kolkena (Rachel Keller)

Dan’s assistant at work and also his second wife, Linda ends up becoming one of the big reasons for Betty and Dan getting divorced. She’s also the catalyst for a lot of Betty’s aggressive behaviour that follows through the season.


So there we have it, that’s our list of the main characters that show up in Dirty John Season 2. There are more supporting characters of course, but these are the main ones we follow across the 8 episodes.

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