Dinosaur (2024) Season 1 Review – A funny, realistic but monotonus English comedy

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The world of palaeontology has found immense popularity after its mention on the popular 90s sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and also Jurassic Park. Now, years later, we have a new Hulu original show with a palaeontologist main lead who is quirky and fun in her way. The Hulu original Dinosaur narrates the story of a 20-something palaeontologist, Nina, who is autistic.

Nina receives the shocking information that her sister is getting married to her 6-week-long boyfriend whom she met on Tinder. With Nina trying to avoid the fact that her sister, soulmate and best friend – Evie is going to be married, she also tries to balance her romantic life as well as her professional life. Dinosaur is a well-written dramedy that focuses on the issues that many young adults of this generation are dealing with.

The show is released in April – Autism Awareness Month no less – and narrates the story of a young woman who has a specific condition that holds her back from living her life to the fullest. We also see the challenge that family members of autistic people have to deal with.

Dinosaur puts a lot of focus on communication and we see how Nina communicates with her brother, Bo, her sister Evie and her mother. She tells them how she truly feels and listens to her family and friends when they call her out. Nina is a really enjoyable character to watch and I wish she would have had a better end in terms of her romantic relationship with Lee.

The characters are very well written and every single character frustrates you as a viewer at some point in the show – including Nina. The show ends on an open-ended note with the hope that Nina will return with a follow-up season. Having a show presented by the makers of a comedy like Fleabag, the expectations are definitely high.

However, the show ends up becoming monotonous by the end, closing off in a very expected fashion. The growth and the progress expected from characters is lost and it looked like things were rushed for them to get to where they were. Nina and Lee are the most relatable characters on the show.

With Lee talking openly about his loneliness and depression, we see Nina accept her lack of social skills and the feeling of being overwhelmed due to her condition. Dinosaur is a funny and realistic mini-series that the youth of the present generation will thoroughly enjoy.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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