Dinosaur – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review and Ending Explained


Nina meets Declan after her fight with Evie and tells him how her sister called her a burden. Declan advises Nina to perform her duties as Evie’s bridesmaid and asks her to attend the wedding. Declan also tells her that she could get the job and asks her to be hopeful, convincing her to attend the wedding.

What happens when Ranesh finds out about Evie’s kiss?

Nina and Bo get to their parents’ house. There, Amber starts flirting with Bo while Nina reads her email and is shocked to learn that she has gotten the post-doctoral position. Nina musters up her courage and tells Evie about getting the job. However, Evie tells Nina that she is going to tell her fiancé – Ranesh about her kiss at the bachelorette party.

Nina starts panicking and refuses to let Evie tell Ranesh the truth. Upon much prodding, Nina goes to fetch Ranesh who, as it turns out has already heard everything. Ranesh runs away and Nina chases after him.

Do Lee and Nina reconcile?

Nina goes looking for Ranesh but learns from Amber that he has left the house. Nina appoints Amber as acting Maid of Honor and leaves to look for Ranesh. Outside her house, Lee is waiting for Nina with a bouquet. She tells him that she needs to go find Ranesh and he offers to take her to look for him.

In the van, Nina realises how she did not know anything about her brother-in-law because she often tuned him out. She tries to remember the story of Evie and Ranesh’s first date and goes to look for him there. Amber tries to stop Evie from panicking and calls Nina. Nina, who is already trying to look for Ranesh ends up telling Amber about the kiss. Evie tries to run away from her wedding but Amber locks her up in the shed.

Does Nina convince Ranesh to forgive Evie?

When Lee and Nina do not find him there, Lee suggests they look for him at a food truck, hoping Ranesh will be eating a greasy meal to help him feel better about Evie cheating. Lee turns out to be right and the two find Ranesh eating kebabs.

Nina talks to Ranesh and realises that she was wrong about him all along. Ranesh tells her that he was not mad about the kiss but upset that Nina never accepted him as Evie’s partner as Nina mattered a lot to Evie. Nina is touched and tells him that even though Ranesh and Evie met just a few weeks ago, he was the best person for her sister.

Do Evie and Ranesh get married?

Once Nina manages to take Ranesh back home, Amber frees Evie from the shed. Nina asks Evie to talk to Ranesh and she asks her sister to be there with her when she talks to her fiancé. Evie and Ranesh talk their hearts out and come clean about all the things they lied to each other about.

Evie comes clean about liking reality TV and Ranesh comes clean about being afraid of his father. The two get married in front of friends and family. At the party, Nina’s parents celebrate her getting a post-doc job. Bo tells Nina that he has finally broken up with his toxic girlfriend and she is happy for her brother.

Do Lee and Nina end up together?

Nina and Lee have a chat about the job and Nina tells him that she was taking up the job. Lee comes clean about Nina giving him mixed signals when she told him about her job. Nina realises how she was wrong for doing so and confesses that she likes Lee as well.

The two decide to keep seeing each other in Knutsford which was equidistant from Glasgow where Lee was and Isle of Wight, where Nina was going. Nina happily bid Lee a farewell, feeling her fingers tingling.

How does Dinosaur end?

Evie leaves her wedding to say goodbye to Nina. The two sisters have a moment and Nina leaves to respond to the hiring committee. The show ends with Bo and Amber kissing as the rest of the party enjoys Evie and Ranesh’s wedding.

The Episode Review

This mini-series went through a lot of ups and downs in the six episodes but not a single thing was too extreme. This one is very millennial centric and the fact that the bride kissed a strange man a few days before her wedding is not much of a big deal in this day and age. While I did wish that Evie and Ranesh did not get married, it is kind of endearing that they decided to go ahead with it despite all their lies to each other. 

The best part of the show was Nina realising that she could be overbearing enough to want Lee to dissociate from her. She realises that her job is just as important to her as Lee is and is happy to learn that Lee has already come up with a solution for their long-distance conundrum. The show is interesting and I would love to see more of these characters if the show is ever renewed for a new season.

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