Dinner with the Parents – Season 1 Episode 3 “Sip for Sip” Recap & Review

Sip for Sip

Dinner with the Parents Episode 3 begins with David pulling over at the house and attempting to prank Gregg. However, Gregg anticipates the prank and tricks him into pranking Nana instead. Following this, David receives punishment from Nana and also has to listen to his mom.

Meanwhile, David realizes they are preparing for guests. David has a small scuffle with Gregg who lays a bet about going sip for sip over iced tea, and whoever has to pee first posts a swirly on social media. David reluctantly takes up the bet. Following this, David’s parents reveal that they have invited Jenny Spiegel, but David seems reluctant. Jane then narrates the story of how she invited Jenny over for dinner, which is quite embarrassing.

The same evening, Jenny arrives and to their surprise has also brought her parents along. Harvey and Jane head over to prepare drinks. Meanwhile, Gregg pressures David to drink more iced tea. Following this, the families sit down to catch up. On the other hand, David and Jenny catch up on their school days.

Shortly after, Suzan reveals that she and the other ladies are planning to watch The Bachelor together. Jane tries to blend in and claims that she is into the show too. However, she fumbles when asked who she thinks will win. She makes a quick exit, claiming she has to check the brisket.

Meanwhile, David and Jenny finally get some time to speak alone, and she asks him about his math job. They also catch up on their school days. Gregg interjects and offers David another iced tea. Meanwhile, the adults have drinks in a separate room. Harvey tries to show off his guitar skills, but Jimmy reveals he can play much better.

On the other hand, Harvey rushes to complain to Jane and finds her studying details of The Bachelor. Just then, Suzan arrives and offers to let Jane join her party if she can pass a test quiz.

While speaking, Gregg tries to tempt David to pee. Jenny also spots the trampoline, and Gregg sees it as another opportunity to make David uncomfortable. They then hear their dads showing off their guitar skills and doing a playoff. Harvey then sings a song dedicating it to his dead father. Following this, Jenny grabs David’s arm and takes him out.

Meanwhile, Suzan asks Jane to attempt the quiz, but she once again avoids it, claiming she has to check the briskets. As she prepares for the test, Donnie walks in and asks for a favor. She agrees to do it if he can explain all the seasons to her in short. She then heads out and begins to solve the quiz. Meanwhile, Harvey tells Jimmy about his deceased dad and gains his sympathy. On the other hand, Jane completes the test and gets invited to the party.

On the other hand, Jenny and David have a pleasant conversation on the trampoline. She also confesses to liking him back in high school. Shortly after, she realizes Gregg and David are having a bet and roots for David.

The family sits down to have dinner, and they enjoy the food. Just then, Donnie walks in without a shirt asking Jane to help him and also reveals that she didn’t watch The Bachelor. This upsets Suzan. They, however, get past the conflict as they are having a great evening. Just then, Harvey’s dad walks in proving Harvey faked his dad’s death.

As Jenny is about to leave, David thinks of asking her out but soon learns that she already has a boyfriend. David then pees his pants, and Gregg teases him. Following this, Gregg reveals to Harvey that he had already peed multiple times that night.

The Episode Review

This episode sheds some light on the family’s social life, revealing their desire for more company. It becomes clear they’re willing to lie and cheat to achieve this. Unlike the previous episode, we’re caught off guard by the twist, which delivers a sense of justice, albeit in an extremely unreasonable and unrealistic manner.

In addition, there’s an ongoing bet between Gregg and David to add excitement. This adds tension, especially when Jenny finds out about the bet. Furthermore, Gregg continuously pushes David’s buttons to ensure he loses.

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