Dinner Mate – K-Drama Episodes 7-8 Recap and Review


Following the previous hour of drama, Dinner Mate returns for another good episode, one that helps push our characters forward while showing just how much they’ve changed since their previous relationships that dominated their past. With some nice juxtapositions between the two and a consistent theme surrounding destiny and the two fated to constantly meet, Dinner Mate continues to deliver a really fun and engaging Korean drama.

Episodes 7 and 8 of Dinner Mate begins with Do-Hee and Hae-Kyung heading out for dinner together where she asks what he believes people think they are. “Two people having dinner,” He says back before ordering her soup and starting to dictate how she should eat. Eventually they do settle down to dig into their plates properly but Hae-Kyung can’t help but notice a depressed man unable to eat his steak sitting adjacent to them.

After rushing out to catch up with him, the duo finally sit down together where Do-Hee mentions her ex and how she couldn’t bring herself to get back with him. It’s here Hae-Kyung mentions how his first love also returned too and she incredulously leans back in her chair, referring to themselves as migratory birds.

After saying goodbye for the night, Do-Hee wakes up late and rushes to 2N Box where A-Young berates her and tells Do-Hee to get ready. As she bursts into the office after brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she finds Jae-Hyeok sitting waiting for her. Do-Hee refuses to work with him though and instead is given 2 days to bring Hae-Kyung onboard.

After getting a makeover, Do-Hee heads to Hae-Kyung’s office dolled up and waiting for him to accept her inviation. Only, when Byeong-Jin messages him to let him know, he tells his associate to get rid of her or risk getting fired.

Hae-Kyung however happens to follow the steak-man up to the roof where he stops the old man from jumping over the edge. Bringing him back to his office, Hae-Kyung listens intently to the man’s story. He blames himself for making his wife rush to cross the road and taste a juicy steak and it’s something he’s struggled to live with ever since. As a gesture of kindness, he brings out a piping hot steak for him to taste.

After helping out the man and quelling his doubts, Hae-Kyung’s friend Geun-U rings and invites him to dinner. When he gets there though, he notices Do-Hee and quickly rides off in a panic. While he does, Do-Hee heads inside and talks to Jae-Hyuk, telling him she’s changed and continuing to reject him.

Hae-Kyung meanwhile, heads off to the doctors where he meets Geun-Hee. She asks if he’s married before going on to invite him to eat instant noodles with her. At the same time, Do-Hee rallies up the group at 2N Box before heading out for drinks with them.

Meanwhile, Hae-Kyung runs into issues at home when his Mother returns. He berates her though and tells her to leave before hurrying to work and finding No-Eul waiting for him. She requests they have dinner together, before leaving and heading back to 2N Box where Do-Hee rejects No-Eul being part of the next broadcast. Jae-Kyung follows though and tells her not to mix business with pleasure given his relation to Hae-Kyung. She bites back though, talking to him about destiny before Jae-Hyung invites her out for dinner.

As the episode closes out, both Hae-Kyung and Do-Hee make a decision regarding their upcoming dates and decide against it, instead running into each other after we see them both trying to find where the other is. As they finally come face to face, he tells her it’s destiny.

With a nice recurring theme surrounding destiny and lots of ensuing drama surrounding Do-Hee and Hae-Kyung’s ex partners, Dinner Mate does a good job balancing this drama alongside the quirky comedy and romance that dominates large parts of these episodes. The Korean drama has done an excellent job so far keeping things entertaining and the ending certainly leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next. For now though, Dinner Mate bows out this week’s set of episodes on a high.


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