Dickinson – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Fame is a fickle food

We begin episode 2 of Dickinson Season 2 with Emily determined to win the upcoming baking competition. Her Mother can taste a hint of egg in the mix but quickly dismisses it, telling Emily it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, there’s more important matters to deal with given it’s the day of the Amherst Cattle Show. This is important for Edward and Mrs Dickinson alike given this gets Edward…excited. Maggie certainly understands Mrs. Dickinson’s hint and is given the night off.

Austin winds up in an intense talk with his Father, namely about his dead Uncle whom they’re adopting some assets from. Austin zones out though, fronting a few horse puns for good measure. This conversation is short-lived though given they all have a cattle show to attend.

That cattle show also plays host to the baking competition. The judges absolutely love Emily’s cake so the time she spent soaking it in brandy definitely pays off. Predictably, Emily wins and has her picture printed in the local paper… courtesy of none other than Sam Bowles.

Sue and Austin head out together as the latter asks his wife whether they can try for a baby. Instead, she shrugs off the idea and tells him to take care of her instead.

At the celebratory party later that day, Sue casts doubts in Dickinson’s mind as she talks to Sam Bowles and tells him she’s not sure about her newfound fame.

While talking to him though she draws inspiration for a new poem, with the familiar words floating across the screen. Despite stumbling and faltering, Sam is impressed by what she comes up with.

Back home, Mrs Dickinson runs into quite the fright when Mark Newman’s girls, Anna and Clara, come to stay. They’re dressed like the twins from The Shining and ask Mrs. Dickinson to make sure their bed is comfortable.

Meanwhile, this weird apparition appears before Emily again. “Fame is not genuine” It teaches, going on to tell her to be careful as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Dickinson’s second episode starts to settle into a more familiar rhythm now. The quip involving the winner of the baking competition dying was pretty funny, while it also helps to reinforce the motif of this series which revolves around Emily’s fame.

The show also dabbles in light horror too, with the twins at the end feeling like The Shining satire territory. That’s before mentioning the weird ghostly apparition presenting itself before Emily too.

Still, the show is pretty intriguing and there’s certainly enough here for fans to enjoy.

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