Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Christmas Cabin Fever (2023) Ending Explained – What can we learn from Greg’s act of kindness?

Plot Summary

Based on the bestselling book by Jeff Kinney, this latest entry in the Wimpy Kid series follows middle-schooler Greg Heffley as he excitedly waits for Christmas Day.

Greg is desperate to get the latest gaming console for Christmas but is worried that he might be on Santa’s naughty list and consequently, be in danger of losing his dream present. 

Greg does his best to be good in the days leading up to Christmas Day to ensure he gets what he wants. However, his attempts backfire when he inadvertently damages a snowplough truck. Could this be enough to land him on Santa’s naughty list? Possibly, but while Greg is worried that he might not receive his gaming console, at the end of the film, he has a change of heart after realizing getting a gift should no longer be his priority.

What is the reason for Greg’s change of perspective? And what important lesson can we learn from him? Let’s take a closer look at this enjoyable animated movie.

How does Greg damage the snowplough truck?

Greg is outdoors building a snowman with his best friend Rowley. But when they lose control of their creation, it rolls away from them and into the path of a snowplough truck, causing damage to the vehicle. Gabby, the driver, gives chase under the assumption that the two boys are just as naughty as the kids who were recently throwing snowballs at her, but she fails to find them.

Does Greg get into trouble?

Greg hides his hat and scarf in what he thinks is a dumpster, as does Rowley, as Greg thinks their clothing items might identify them. When he returns home, Greg doesn’t tell his family about what happened as he is worried he might get into further trouble if he does. His mom is upset that Greg has ‘mislaid’ his hat and scarf but reminds him that his name is sewn into the stitching, so there is a chance somebody will find them and give them back. This causes Greg to inwardly panic. 

The next day, wanted posters are everywhere with badly drawn pictures of Greg and Rowley on them. Understandably, Greg is paranoid that he will be recognized.

After discovering the ‘dumpster’ is actually a toy donation box, he tasks himself with the mission of retrieving his hat and scarf before the police turn up at the box to collect the donated presents. But when there is heavy snowfall, Greg and his family become snowed in at home, so he is unable to leave the house to get his incriminating clothing. 

Does Greg get to the toy donation box in time?

Greg discovers the gaming console hidden away in a cupboard so is overjoyed that he stands a chance at getting his dream present. However, there’s also a chance he won’t be given it as his brother Rodrick is obsessed with showing their parents the security footage from the doorbell camera that could reveal Greg’s mishap with the snowman.

Luckily, there is a blackout so Rodrick’s plan fails. Greg’s good fortune continues when the snowstorm eases up and he has a chance to get his hat and scarf from the donation box before the police pick up the toys.

Together with Rowley, Greg digs the snow away from the box so he can climb inside. He manages to retrieve his belongings but is left alone when Rowley flees after hearing a vehicle. 

The vehicle is the now-repaired snowplough truck being driven by Gabby who has arrived to clear away the snow. When Gabby realizes Greg has cleared away the snow near the box, she has time on her hands, so offers to give him a lift home. 

Does Greg get his gaming console?

On the way back to Greg’s house, Gabby reveals that the toy donation box is important to her. She is a single mom and unable to provide the gifts her son wants because of her lack of income. When Greg tells her he wants a gaming console for Christmas, she tells him that her son also wants the console but that she can’t afford it.

When dropping Greg off at home, Gabby recognizes his scarf so knows that he was the one who broke her snowplough. But in an act of kindness, she decides not to reveal her discovery.

Later, Greg confesses the snowman incident to his parents. They are surprisingly forgiving and agree to support him when the police show up at their door. Thankfully, the police are only there to ask for toy donations, so the panicked Greg doesn’t get into trouble. 

Christmas morning arrives but Greg doesn’t have his console. Why? It turns out that Greg decided to donate it to Gabby and her son. After realizing that some people aren’t as well off as his family and after learning of Gabby’s predicament, he decided to sacrifice his desires for her needs instead. The fact that Gabby didn’t tell the police about Greg might be another reason why he decided to donate his much-wanted Christmas present to her. 

What can we learn from Greg Heffley?

Christmas isn’t about getting what we want. It’s also a time for sharing and generosity, which is something Greg discovered when he realized some people had greater needs than his own. Of course, most of us know the importance of giving, especially at Christmas time, but if you’re all consumed by thoughts of the gifts you’re going to get this year, perhaps now is the time to consider what you could do for others. 


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