Dhamaka Ending Explained: Who is the real bomber?

Dhamaka Plot Summary

Spiraling from a divorce to his ex Saumya (who also happens to be working as an anchor at the same TV studio, go figure!) Arjun’s life is a mess.

One day at work, Arjun receives a call from a disgruntled caller called Raghubeer. This manual laborer is unhappy about his living conditions and hits our protagonist with a startling revelation – he’s about to detonate a bomb.

Scoffing at his threat, Arjun – and the rest of the network at large – find their worlds turned upside down when the Sea-Link blows up. This happens to be a stretch of road across the river, and as thick plumes of black smoke rise in the air, Arjun finds himself at the mercy of this madman.

What ensues from here is a game of cat and mouse, as the network scramble to trace the origin of this call while Arjun keeps the bomber busy. With rival networks snapping at their heels too, desperate for an exclusive scoop, Arjun tries to navigate this difficult minefield before it’s too late.

Does Raghubeer blow up the Sea-Link?

Saumya Pathak is at the Sea-Link with the 12 badly hurt hostages on the bridge. The situation is dire, but the rescue team arrive to try and save them, hovering overhead in a helicopter. Raghubeer refuses to allow the rescue until the minister arrives at the station, making it a matter of life or death.

Saumya make a plea for her own life to Raghubeer, selflessly sacrificing and putting herself in harm’s way in order to let the women and children go free. Her compassionate plea gets through to Arjun as well as the bomber. Raghubeer agrees to let the women and children go, while Arjun looks at his ex-wife in a new light.

With their marriage in pieces, we’ve seen Arjun throw shade at his ex-wife and unhappy that he even has to still work with her. Now, after seeing her selfless act and understanding the sacrifices she’s made, he breaks through his own selfishness.

“You are right.” He says, “Apologizing does not make a person smaller.” This is, of course, partly in reference to himself and the way their marriage has come to an end.

Arjun promises they’ll be together soon, remaining professional but also with an air of personal reality in there too. It’s unclear whether her statement back to him in agreement is in reference to getting back together again, but that’s what this scene appears to be hinting. Only, time has run out. The ropes are lowered, the children look set to be lifted…but Sea-Link is blown up.

Do the authorities track Raghubeer’s location?

As the police rush toward Raghubeer’s location, there’s a massive problem. Arjun receives another call from the bomber, telling him he’s rigged the building up with explosives. As the shockwaves pulsate out from from the adjacent skyscraper to the TV network, the glass suddenly shatters inward and Arjun is thrown across the room.

The place is a complete mess, with half the wall missing and a rabble of ethernet cables and wires hanging from the ceiling. Arjun is still alive and it turns out the phone lines are still working and the bomber is on the phone. He originally phoned Arjun because he thought that he might show some compassion.

Who is the bomber?

It’s here we learn that the bomber actually isn’t Raghubeer after all. It’s his son, Anand. With Raghubeer dead, he’s been trying to avenge his father’s death and gain retribution for what happened to him. It also turns out Anand is inside the same building too, standing in front of Arjun in the adjacent room

Why did Anand ring Arjun?

It turns out Anand actually rang Arjun because of his father. Raghubeer used to watch Arjun’s broadcasts religiously and his dad believed his mantra: “Whatever I say, shall be the truth” to his core. Anand is not happy. All he wanted was an apology but obviously following the incident with the minister earlier in the movie, things have escalated in a big way.

Anand worked as a chemical engineer back in the day and was actually an explosive expert for Konkan Railways too. This explains how he was able to make the bombs too. Just then though, a sniper in the building across the way shoots Anand in the head.

Who is the mastermind behind the bombings?

The TV set in the room (the same room with wires and electrics completely frazzled mind you) suddenly blinks on with a news report. Arjun is accused of working in collusion with the terrorist, sensationalizing the news in order to jump-start his failing career.

To corroborate this is eyewitness Asif Alam, who just so happens to be the real ringleader in this. She’s blamed Arjun to make him the scapegoat, while Asif is actually the antagonist in all this. She’s been desperate for a big scoop and orchestrated this whole event just for some cheap ratings and to make TRTV the top network.


Does Saumya die in the Sea-Link explosion?

Yes, it’s confirmed late on the movie but unfortunately Saumya is declared dead. She’s wheeled off on a stretcher and as the cameras focus on her lifeless body, Arjun sees this take place and is crushed. Saumya gave her life to try and stop the terrorist but unfortunately she failed in her mission.

How does Dhamaka end?

With Saumya dead, Arjun has all but given up. The police are after him, he’s due to be made public enemy number 1 and he’s a marked man.

Thinking back to Saumya’s words about his mantra (“Whatever I say, shall be the truth”), Arjun decides to make this fantasy a reality. He picks up the detonator and explodes the building, becoming the very thing he set out to stop.

Arjun feels completely helpless and believes this is his only way out. In a way, Arjun acts selfishly at the end, coming full circle with his character and choosing the easy way out rather than taking accountability or fighting back. Without Saumya by his side he’s lost his focus and thus, everything comes tumbling down.

It’s supposed to be a poetic ending but the motivations feel a little skewed and contrived. Despite this though, it explains why Arjun acted the way that he did at the end.


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