Devin Townsend – Lightwork | Album Review

Track Listing

Call of the Void
Celestial Signals
Heavy Burden
Children of God


Multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend is an enigmatic but wonderful songwriter and lyricist, and his collection Lightwork breathes new life into the metal scene. Every lyric has been meticulously chosen and they all interlink to create a stunning experience.

Townsend is so able too, a master craftsman at work, breaking norms and designing songs which often get overlooked, as the musician should get more plaudits for his output.

Lightwork is dark listen, and Townsend has always instilled dark notes into his work. There are always masterful instrumentals, technical in their delivery. Supremely talented, the man in the frame knows he has a knack at blending themes into his set-up. Lightwork dazzles, and its emotional core resonates on a such a scale that you’ll feel like you’re inside its bubble of mastery.

Though some may say it’s an unconventional sound, it has so much depth and character. Vital for the scene, sounds like this need to be commended and fully acknowledged.

There are 10 songs on Lightwork, with ‘Equinox’ showing a flurry of instrumentals, and Townsend sings about the world and its rot. He also wants love to carry him through – it’s a brilliant track. ‘Heartbreaker’ starts with a little more bite, serving up abrasive instrumentals and decisive lyrics which Townsend sings eloquently here.

‘Heavy Burden’ has muffled vocals but they’re still heard. It’s a weird track which rails against conventions, and Townsend shows his lyrical brilliance while implementing those technical guitar riffs. It’s another showpiece.

Devin Townsend is a master of shaping music that shouldn’t work but ultimately does. Lightwork carries so much in terms of intricacy and flair, while keeping the emotions intact.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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