The Devil Punisher – Season 1 Episode 16 Recap & Review

Chapter 16

Episode 16 of The Devil Punisher begins at Lu Po-Ya’s house, asking Hsin-Yu if she remembers everything. She shows him the note she’d written for Chung, the one she’d found in his notebook. He tells her knows many things that she’d forgotten.

Saying he’d waited 1000 years, he’s angry she hasn’t traded god status for her missing memories. He drags her to his creepy room, using Corpse Flower to force recollections. He confirms that he’d brought the flower to the human realm. The scent knocks Hsin-Yu out and he embraces her form.

She dreams of her relationship with Lu Chi and that Chung died in their past life. She’d followed Chung but Lu Chi wouldn’t let her go even in death. To escape her guilt over Chung’s death, she drank Oblivion Soup and became Lady Meng. That way she could be with him but without knowing their painful past.

Hsin-Yu wakes and remembers everything, including Prime Minister Lu. He says he’ll eliminate anything that would stop them from being together and will take her to eternal life with him.

Remembering all that’s happened in the human realm but now with Lu Chi in the picture, she envisions how he’d manipulated every circumstance. Hsin-Yu is heartbroken realising it’s because he was chasing her.

Chung calls and she arranges to see him. He realises something is off but hearing that Che-Hsuan died distracts him. Cheng Huang blames him for arrogantly thinking he could protect a human from Lu Chi. Chung notes a protective magical tool from the Underworld King that he’d used to protect Che-Hsuan.

Cheung Huang angrily leaves Chung but has his team do further research on the mysterious deaths where humans’ souls are damaged, realising it must be Lu Chi-related.

Hsin-Yu recalls all the things Lu Chi said including reminding her that she’d said she didn’t want to see him in her next life, which seems to have pushed him over the edge. Feeling guilty she tells herself she can’t cry anymore and arranges to see Chung.

At his house, she makes him his favourite dish from their past life and spends the evening with him. He tries to discuss her avoiding him but she feints. Stalker Lu Chi watches them kissing through the window, barely containing himself.

When Chung wakes the next morning, Hsin-Yu is gone. He visualises her saying ‘you never know what will happen tomorrow.’ He checks her house and calls but gets his voicemail.

At the café, she’s chatting with Lu and gives Chung the cold shoulder. He’s shocked when she throws him out. She smiles warmly at Lu but he sees through her, knowing she’s protecting Chung.

Ouyang Kai gets a call from his Dad who tells him off for neglecting work. Feeling even lower he hangs up and plays video games.

Chung waits for Hsin-Yu at her house. She arrives hand-in-hand with Lu and breaks up with Chung. She tells him if he bothers her, she’ll quit her job and move house.

Chung spares no ghost at the office, working out his anger. Low on mates, he drinks (and eats Fighting Bean) with Ouyang Kai at his place.

Hsin-Yu can’t move a step without Lu Chi. He closes the café so they can have a date and reminds her that she needs to work to gain his trust. Ouyang Kai spots them together and students post photos of their handsome professor with his date.

Ouyang Kai seeks En-Hsi to ask her why she thinks Lu Po-Ya is a good man. She lists her reasons and tells Ouyang Kai he’s not mature or accomplished enough. He tells her Lu is two-timing her with Hsin-Yu. She waits at his house to confirm and spots the post on social media.

Hsin-Yu asks Lu Chi if he turned out this way because of her, thanking him for the things he’d done in their past life. She asks him to not involve anyone else but he says that’s down to her level of sincerity.

When they arrive at Lu’s house, En-Hsi slaps Hsin-Yu. Lu’s disturbing warning is that no one can hurt Hsin-Yu apart from him. He mesmerizes En-Hsi and she agrees obedience. Hsin-Yu watches, horrified.

At their house, Hsin-Yu tries to speak to En-Hsi but she throws her out. With suitcase, she cries in the park, realising she’s Lu’s obsession and her options are few. Chung sees her from his perch and has Ouyang Kai offer her harbour.

Ouyang Kai visits Chung with an update on Hsin-Yu. He can’t believe that both girls know about Lu and stick with him. He supposes Hsin-Yu isn’t the kind of girl to change her mind about Chung.

Chung gets a summons to return to the Underworld to investigate Lu Chi. He asks Ouyang Kai to take care of both girls and call in case of emergencies.

Ouyang Kai waits for En-Hsi at school. He tells her he’s leaving the university to start over from the bottom and learn, so he’s better suited for a relationship in time. He calls En-Hsi out over her defensive behaviours.

At home with Ouyang Kai, Hsin-Yu refuses Chung’s call. Ouyang Kai tells her Chung was called back to the Underworld. She notes that she’s protecting her love rather than putting him in danger.

Chung Kuei: What I have been guarding for thousands of years is the original intention of world justice. That’s it.


The Episode Review

I love the new fully-obsessed Lu Po-Ya. (That’s weird, isn’t it?) The way he cradled Hsin-Yu’s unconscious body – he’s become so intense, so evil, including changes to his voice, his face, his eyes. Fantastic! Finally, this character is giving it his all. Well done, Anson Chen. But as Lu Chi, now that you have Hsin-Yu, why are you sticking around the human realm? Why not whisk off to somewhere with fewer annoyances? There must be something more coming.

Since Chung has been summoned back to the Underworld, will he get the chance to meet with Chin-Kuang? Her appearance in the past was intriguing – so she’s known what was happening and the history all along. But did she know Lu Chi? And how much did Chung know?

Hsin-Yu’s overwhelming guilt seems pretty understandable under the circumstances. It’s also giving her the determination to take her medicine with Lu as well as with En-Hsi and Chung. Let’s see how much icky she can stand.

And she’s only one of many having a tough time. One can’t help but feel sad for Ouyang Kai being told he’s not good enough. He’s got En-Hsi pegged though and now she knows it too. Will that make him more attractive to her? Points for a decent level of EQ? Not so far but maybe his words will eventually resonate.

I’m back to Lu Po-Ya. Why is he still so powerful? How did he become powerful in the world of gods? He’s gotta have friends in high places. Maybe Chin-Kuang owes him? Meanwhile, surprising that he didn’t interfere with Hsin-Yu and Chung’s last night. Perhaps that was his deal with her.

And where is ‘I’ll-be-your-friend-forever’ Cheng Huang in all this? Even if he’s angry at Chung Kuei for going about the things the wrong way, he knows it wasn’t intentional and that they all misjudged Lu Chi’s power. He’ll be back. And so will we – only four episodes left and lots to figure out. I’ve done my speculating. Your turn – you know what to do.

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