The Devil Punisher – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Chapter 13

Episode 13 of The Devil Punisher begins with Chung and Hsin-Yu meeting with Professor Lu to talk rafflesia. Ouyang Kai however, drags En-Hsi away from the meeting. She’s in tears as everyone is preventing her from helping Professor Lu. Ouyang Kai reminds her Professor Lu doesn’t need her help and that he’s on her side.

Professor Lu isn’t surprised Chung suspects him. He tells them that Cheng Lei has been bullied by Chia-Chun and his friends.

Chung asks why Professor Lu thinks rafflesia and Confusion Fluid are related. He notes the times Chung had erased his memories and makes a connection between the drinks served by Chia-Chun at Mu-Ching’s party and the event at the cinema. Chung warns that he hopes he’s on their side.

At home, Chung is distracted wondering why Professor Lu’s memory wasn’t properly erased. Hsin-Yu explains what happens when people are reluctant to drink Oblivion Soup and how it affects their next life.

Hsiao-Chi follows Professor Lu but he easily spots her. Chia-Chun’s parents pull him from school to avoid repercussions from his arrest. While this is happening, Hsiao-Chi reports Professor Lu’s movements to Chung, who sends her back out to continue.

Hsin-Yu apologises to Professor Lu for their suspicion and defends Chung’s style. He says he can tell Chung is serious because he’s got someone tailing him. If it makes Chung feel better, he’s fine with it.

Chia-Chun and his parents are at the police station. His father starts to scold him loudly but the police officer suggests that if he embarrasses his son publicly, he’ll damage their relationship irreparably.

His father takes the counsel to heart and tries to fix things with his son, repenting and making time for him. Chia-Chun is touched by the effort.

Hsin-Yu scolds Chung for having Professor Lu followed. Lu tells them he’s fine and not to argue. She’s angry Chung won’t share what he’s doing and heads home alone.

They both try to text each other later to end the argument but neither can find the right words. Hsin-Yu asks En-Hsi where she’s off to so late but doesn’t receive an answer.

When Chia-Chun’s father seeks him later, he’s already slipped out. He enters a bar and orders a flight of tequila shots. Both Professor Lu and En-Hsi are there at separate tables. Chia-Chun takes a break and someone finds him passed out next to an empty vial. It’s here where we hear that he’s dead.

At the crime scene, the same officer from the station checks Professor Lu’s ID. A black aura converges into En-Hsi.

Cheng Lei takes his flower demon home. On the way, he spots texts about Chia-Chun’s death and stops to see Hsin-Yu. She makes Blissful Tea for him and he tells her he’s worried he’ll be suspected of killing Chia-Chun. She believes justice will prevail.

Chung notices that Cheng Lei is less gloomy and asks Hsin-Yu about the tea, trying to make conversation and peace. Professor Lu offers freshly made cake to Chung but she whips it away as it’s for customers. Professor Lu suggests she should wrap for the day.

Chung tricks Hsin-Yu into speaking to him by offering information about his chat with the Flower Goddess. He confirms that someone moved rafflesia to Earth intentionally. When she digs too deep he distracts her by making up.

Cheng Huang discovers that Underworld Queen’s office is sealed over a disciplinary action. At the same time, Chung tries to convince Hsin-Yu to play hooky but Cheng Huang appears to discuss work matters, reporting about Queen Chin-Kuang.

Chung explains they served her with administrative negligence. Before her arrest though, she slid him information about someone called Lu Chi who escaped Ice Hell using Lu Sian as his replacement.

Cheng Huang confirms that Lu Chi is the rival who killed Chung 1000 years ago. He wonders how he could have escaped without anyone knowing. They don’t know how long he’s been free but wonder if he’s behind the malicious spirits. Chung is worried because Lu Chi hasn’t appeared to him yet. Cheng Huang promises to stand with him while Spirit Fox is approached by Big Boss.

Cheng Lei brings a friend to the café and they drink Blissful Tea together. When Professor Lu arrives, the café is full as someone posted about the tea and it’s suddenly very popular. En-Hsi enters looking like a whole new person and helps Hsin-Yu serve tea.

After the rush, they all drink Blissful Tea together. Professor Lu suggests bygones be bygones and the girls agree.

The next morning En-Hsi makes breakfast for Hsin-Yu. She notices that En-Hsi’s hands are particularly cold. They decide to go to a hot spring to improve circulation.

Surprised over the instant reconciliation, Chung checks it out. Ouyang Kai drives him to follow the girls to the hot spring. They get the room next door and listen in to the chat.

En-Hsi asks for details about Hsin-Yu and Chung’s relationship and compares them to lovers from a past life. When En-Hsi reaches to touch Hsin-Yu’s face, Hsin-Yu has a flashback to a disturbing moment.

After the soak, the guys are waiting outside and offer to take them out. They celebrate the girls becoming friends again. En-Hsi and Chung compete to offer more treats to Hsin-Yu. Chung is curious that En-Hsi isn’t sneezing at him anymore. Because of her friend, she is now immune.

Chung tells Hsin-Yu that En-Hsi is the reincarnation of his sister. He hasn’t told En-Hsi because the rule of gods says he can’t interfere but he’s happy enough to be nearby. En-Hsi tells them love doesn’t last if you’re too sweet, unsettling Hsin-Yu.

Later Hsin-Yu tells Chung she’s getting visions from a past life. She remembers a man touching her face and her pushing him away, then calling him Prime Minister.

Chung asks if she recalls what happened after Ching-Yuan kidnapped her but she doesn’t. He tells her that Ching-Yuan has an accomplice. En-Hsi focuses on listening in to their conversation.

Chung Kuei’s proverb: After a thousand years of reincarnation, I’m happy just to be able to watch over you silently.

The Episode Review

So En-Hsi’s reconciliation with Hsin-Yu is a trap. Lots of the puzzle pieces starting to colour-code now as glimpses of the past are aligning with the present.

Lu Chi, Chung’s historic enemy and the guy involved in his death, has escaped confinement. His reach must extend pretty high for all the silence on his escape. He even had them arrest the Underworld Queen to give him a clear shot at Chung – or so it appears! So if the malevolent spirit culprit is Chung’s old rival, it makes sense that he’d go after Hsin-Yu and En-Hsi. What better way to torture Chung?

I was suspecting Old Chin for a moment there, but the fact that she’s been arrested after helping Chung removes that possibility. Or does it? And what happened with Spirit Fox and Big Boss? Think he caught her passing information to Chung?

Professor Lu, I have no idea what’s going on with you, but I suspect you’re not the culprit as it seems a bit too easy. Even though you were at the bar where Chia-Chun died. Of course, so was En-Hsi and she looking pretty sketchy.

That piece with Chia-Chun’s family, I like to think of as a public service announcement for familial harmony as it felt a bit over-done. Seriously, what are the chances that a police arrest of a college kid would turn out that way? I did think Chia-Chun’s responses were pretty spot on though – but his dad a bit over-egged.

Meanwhile, who’s now curious about Fight Bean? I need some – the product placement is working!

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