The Devil Punisher – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Chapter 10

Episode 10 of The Devil Punisher begins with Hsin-Yu and Chung talking through Ching-Yuan’s case – how did he manage to destroy the Bridge of Helplessness? He doesn’t seem like an ordinary ghost. Chung believes Ching-Yuan will return to see his family, now that Yu-Han has returned. They note that the videos found by Professor Lu are from an angle would be difficult to take alone.

Chung tries to convince Hsin-Yu to move in with him so he can protect her. She thinks it’s a bad time as En-Hsi is acting strangely. They agree to re-discuss it when En-Hsi is back to normal.

Hsin-Yu finds En-Hsi at home looking grumpy. She’s annoyed that Hsin-Yu visited Professor Lu, accusing her of toying with him and then walks out angry.

Ouyang Kai is outside with a bouquet for En-Hsi. He takes her to his secret place to see the view.

Chung, Cheng Huang and Queen Chin-Kuang discuss the videos of Ching-Yuan and wonder how he managed to film himself, concluding someone else must be involved. They discover that Ching-Yuan was born in a yang year, yang month, yang day and yang time. As too much yang becomes yin, they agree that this is why his resentment is so deep.

A take-out cook is watching a video while working. Suddenly the channel flips to the clip of Ching-Yuan, who jumps out of the screen, knocking the guy out. Professor Lu discovers the same video but pauses it before the figure jumps at him. However, he’s not able to delete it.

Cheng Huang tries to find a connection between Ching-Yuan and the ghosts from recent cases. The only similarity is that the ghosts died in a yin year, month, day and hour.

They believe he intentionally killed the three people at those times, which would make it easier to record. They wonder how that can match The Book of Life. Did he plan, knowing they would die at that time and work to raise their resentment? Chung agrees to find him fast.

Hsin-Yu is surprised to find Chung and Professor Lu working together at the café. They’re checking the Ching-Yuan video.

En-Hsi wakes up in Ouyang Kai’s car. He walks to bring her coffee rather than disturb her and says he didn’t drive her home to prolong their time together. She insults him in typical style.

Professor Lu works on the video and finds more social media discussion around the clip as it spreads. They think perhaps Ching-Yuan is hiding within the video. Hsaio-Chi is sent back to the University to see what she can discover.

In an abandoned classroom she finds a computer and Ching-Yuan jumps out at her. They battle but he slips away. But shortly after, he jumps out of a screen at an internet café and kids run to escape. Security video records the event.

Hsiao-Chi returns to the café with an update. Professor Lu suggests the video is working like a virus that contains Ching-Yuan. He somehow uses computers as a portal to hide and move himself as needed. Professor Lu proposes a way to trap him.

Ouyang Kai takes En-Hsi home, but she wants to avoid Hsin-Yu so she goes home with him instead. Hsin-Yu arrives to an empty house and texts En-Hsi, but En-Hsi refuses to open it.

Ouyang Kai makes dinner and they have some wine. At home, Hsin-Yu sadly recalls moments with her friend and Chung appears to console her.

During a round of drinking games, Ouyang Kai presses En-Hsi to explain what happened with Hsin-Yu. He grabs her phone and calls Hsin-Yu but Chung answers as she’s asleep. En-Hsi hangs up on Chung.

Cheng Huang shows up to pass on a deadline from the Underworld. Chung has one day to capture Ching-Yuan but he isn’t worried as a plan is already in play.

En-Hsi wakes up at Ouyang Kai’s house where he’s prepared a lavish breakfast. He offers to take her on a day trip and when she agrees he runs to get ready. She receives a text saying ‘Come and watch a show.’ When Ouyang Kai returns, she’s gone.

Chung and team set a trap to catch Ching-Yuan, dangling Yu-Han’s ex-boyfriend as bait. He uses his computer to draw Ching-Yuan from the video. Professor Lu, Hsin-Yu, Hsiao-Chi and Fu work together and Professor Lu is surprised to see Hsin-Yu wield magic. Ching-Yuan poses questions about good versus evil.

Chung is able to suppress an angry Ching-Yuan with Hsiao-Chi as sword. Fu reminds him they need him alive for interrogation. Ching-Yuan tries to hit Hsin-Yu but Chung zaps in to take the blow. He overpowers Ching-Yuan but Hsin-Yu intervenes, wanting to ensure Mrs Wu has a chance to say goodbye. Ching-Yuan agrees to talk in exchange for letting him see his family before leaving. En-Hsi watches in secret.

Chung and team take him to the bakery for final goodbyes. Yu-Han’s boyfriend watches the exchange and Professor Lu encourages him to apologize for past deeds but he runs away instead.

Chung is about to erase the humans’ memories but agrees to let Mrs Wu and Yu-Han keep their farewell moment.

Hsin-Yu takes Chung home, who looks the worse for wear. He plays it up to get some care but when she attempts to call for help, he gives up pretending and kisses her instead.

He wakes up next to her the following morning. But when the Queen phones in, he must head to the Underworld to finish the case.

The Queen observes his good mood and he notices that’s she actually working. Even with Ching-Yuan there, there are still many missing details. Since Chung has done his bit, he requests vacation time. The Queen asks if he knows who En-Hsi is.

Professor Lu works on his computer, looking relieved. At the café the next day, Hsin-Yu tells him it would be better if he didn’t know some things, as they’re from different worlds. He says he still likes her as En-Hsi observes the exchange. Professor Lu sends Hsin-Yu home so she and En-Hsi can discretely avoid each other. But she watches En-Hsi through the window.

Chung and Hsiao-Chi spot cinema patrons freaking out but stop them before they can run. Their auras are similar to Ching-Yuan.

Chung Kuei’s proverb: There is karma in everything. Remember to not do evil and perform good deeds.

The Episode Review

Lots to unpack in the most interesting segment to date, digging in to Chinese philosophy, history and religious beliefs. Let’s have a look at the yin/yang piece. I’m sure you’re familiar with the basics of the inseparable complementary opposites and its symbol.

This philosophy is more than 3,500 years old and perceived to exist in everything. How does it work here? Too much yang is said to manifest as restlessness and while too much yin equals low energy. In short, I think we’re talking about things being unbalanced, making the targets vulnerable.

If you’ve got more ideas or Professor Lu-like explanations, please add your thoughts below. Do you love how he gets excited by every new discovery? He is a kid in a candy store with his new bestie Chung. If only they weren’t into the same girl!

Speaking of which, the romance is on. Now fully warmed up, Chung and Hsin-Yu have officially entered coupledom. There was an emotional high point for Hsin-Yu – aside from the kiss – when she dug in with Ching-yuan over the reality of never being able to reincarnate again. Is that a tip about something from her and Chung’s past? Let’s keep an eye on it.

Meanwhile, En-Hsi is getting a bit scary. She’s obviously being manipulated and I’m guessing we’ll see the result of her spying over the next chapter or two. With those breaks in her memory, it looks like she’s on the same path a Ching-Yuan and the rest. Hopefully, the Scoobies can figure out that action soon.

I’m sticking with a 3.8/5 for this episode even though things are getting more interesting. Perhaps this is cold on my part (too much yin) but I thought they spent way too much time on Ching-Yuan’s departure. I’m not a fan of the keening. But otherwise, the story is really moving now. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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